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Soda Dungeon 2 – Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

2.1) Abbreviations

WD = Warriors Dimension, the final dimension after beating the 10th dimension


D1-D10 = the story dimensions (D3 = Dimension 3, etc)


Carp or C = Carpenter


DM = Dark Mage


DR = Damage Reduction


FPH = Floors Per Hour


XX = The spoiler character unlocked in the final dimension



2.2) The F.A.Q.s

How do I get started?

Follow the tutorial. Hire some junkies and send them into the dungeon. They’ll eventually die, and you’ll get to keep the drops they earned in the dungeon. This is the core of the game.



How do I save to the cloud? How do I transfer a save to a new device? Will progress sync between devices?

From the loading screen after the main menu, click on the cog to the right of your save file. You can see options to transfer to and from the SD server, download from Google Play Games, and Get a one time transfer code. You can use the code to transfer to a new device without logging into google play games; thereafter the new device and the old can exchange the save file through the SD server without needing the one time code again. You will need to transfer your save to the new device each time you use it.



Will I keep my progress if I change to a different platform? How about purchases?

Yes, you can transfer your save to any type of device the game runs on. Your purchases are tied to your save file, and if you delete your save and start a new game you keep what you’ve purchased.



What does leveling an item in the blacksmith do?

Leveling up an item *just levels that particular item*, it does not make all items of that type a higher level. The blue shards are always available for sale from the blacksmith.



What is a gem? How do I equip it?

Some shields and weapons have gem slots; you will need one of these to equip a gem. When you equip one of these weapons or shields, an additional spot will open up beneath it in the character panel – clicking this opening will allow you to equip a gem (if you have any).



What is character mastery xp? How do I get more of it?

Mastery xp is earned at 1 per floor, per character in your team. So if you bring 5 soda junkies, they will get 5 XP per floor. Later on, in the game, you unlock a mastery relic that can increase this by up to 10%, and you can also craft Triangle gems (recommend waiting till the last dimension for these) to increase the mastery xp gained by 10% per gem. This bonus applies to the whole party, not just the character carrying the gem. Characters unlock additional abilities at level 25 and unlock a relic for that character at level 50 that adds +2 attack, hp, and mp per rank in the relic. You can see all of the benefits gained from mastery by clicking on the character’s portrait in the character section of the stats book (upper left corner of your screen).



How can I change what portals my team goes through? And why won’t they go into a healing fairy when they are hurt?

Check the Key Settings button on the warp screen, before entering the dungeon. You can adjust which portals to spend keys on taking, and how often the team will take an unmarked portal. You can also set when to take a healing fairy portal. Note that the % setting for the healing fairy is TEAM HP or MP, not the lowest member; 1 person out of 6 being grievously wounded will still only bring your TEAM HP down to around 85%. You probably need to set this to about 90% to be safe.



How do I get more keys?

There is a keyfind relic unlocked in the second dimension, on the second tab of your relics page. A few levels in this early on will get you some keys – around 100 levels in this relic should get you enough to always take one bonus portal type in addition to healing fairies and always have keys to spare.



What is warp increment?

Warp increment is how much your starting floor goes up or down when you click the arrows. 10 is the default, 100 unlocks once you pass floor 500. There are plans to add more increments at higher levels but they are not yet implemented.



How do I regain or regenerate mp?

Currently, there are a few ways to get more mp during a run. You can regenerate it with later-game Space gems [+2 mp per round], Mystics get some passive mp regeneration starting at level 9, you can restore your mp to full with a healing fairy, or at level 25 Mystics unlock an ability called Recharge, which restores 8 mp to each party member per round.



What is a round?

A round ends once everyone has had a turn, including the enemies. Because you often kill enemies before their turn, it’s more accurate to say a round ends after a # of turns – and that # is the number of enemies and allies present at the start of the round.



Random portals are often giving me a bad fairy. What can I do?

The default chances when you take an unmarked portal (?????) are an 80% chance for something bad to happen, and 20% chance for something good. The bad things are always a fairy failing to cast her healing spell – it backfires and can poison, burn, or sleep your team. The good things are a mineshaft, warp, bonus treasure, or the fairy successfully casting her to restore. If you bring a huntress on your team, the chances become 20% bad 80% good, but there’s always still a chance to get a bad fairy. The sleep fairy especially can be really troublesome, so I usually would recommend skipping all unmarked/unkeyed portals.



I beat the first boss. Now what? What does the portal to a new dimension do?

When you unlock the next dimension, the portal on the far right becomes active. Now you can travel to the next dimension. Doing so will unlock a new relic of your choice (and the first 5 portals also unlock a bonus relic) but it will cost you all of your gold, reset your dungeon progress, remove all of your equipment, and most of your materials. You can unlock an upgrade in the Blacksmith to retain a portion of your materials when moving between dimensions.



Which relic should I choose?

The general consensus is to pick Attack, then HP, MP, and Gold in that order. The key is that it is really helpful to have the HP relic before the 4th dimension – the boss fight there can be really challenging without the HP relic.



How do I know if a skill is a magic or physical?

You can read the description of a character’s skill by clicking on them in the tavern or the party screen. The description of the skill will tell you if it is physical or magical. Magical skills are unaffected by the physical % relic and vice versa.



What are these purple enemies? How do I get more essence?

The purple enemies you sometimes encounter after moving to the first new dimension contain the essence, which is used to power your relics. There can only ever be one enemy with essence per floor, and they drop essence equal to the floor number you are on, divided by 200, rounded up. Minibosses with essence will drop 1 extra; bosses will have an extra 2 essence. You can increase the frequency of finding enemies with essence by gaining increased essence find %, which can be gained through the relic unlocked sometime after D6, the fairy pet, and some rare equipment. A Thief can use his level 25 skill Ransack to steal the essence from an enemy, and when the enemy is killed they still drop the full amount; so Ransack use effectively doubles the essence you can get from enemies.



Which relics should I be spending essence on?

The general consensus is that the attack and hp relics are the most important until the final dimension (WD). When you unlock the regeneration relic 20-25 levels into that can help immensely as well. Gold find is not as important as you’d think, as you can get a decent amount from gear, and your main source of essence will be from the essence dropped from enemies and Ransacked by the Thief. In the final dimension, you’ll want to keep enough damage relics to make up for increased enemy health as you go higher, enough hp to survive ambushes, and then dump the remaining essence into the gold relic.



What is the best pet?

The whale you start with does well for boss fights. You’ll then want to get the essence fairy for farming more essence in WD. Eventually, you’ll want to use the damage resistance stone when essence becomes less valuable than gold. The other pets are only situationally useful.



What gear should I be using? What should I craft?

Anything with damage resistance or dodge chance is really helpful to reduce the damage being done to your team; the shields and accessories with essence find % are really beneficial to your essence gain, and finally anything with gold finds % is helpful to earn extra gold as you progress. Notable craftable items include the crafted Phantasmal Claw accessory, which gives any ally a group hitting ability that has a really quick animation (useful to chip in on AoE builds and to do quick runs from level 1 for mastery), copper bracelets for reducing status effect chances, and silver necklaces for reducing the damage done to you by bosses (item find is bad so don’t use them against normal enemies, see below). Triangle and Space Gems in the final dimension is useful for leveling up characters and keeping up mp levels.



What is WD? How many bosses/dimensions are there?

WD is the Warriors Dimension, the final dimension in the game at D11, and once there, there is no more resetting as you go through portals. So you get to keep your equipment forever, so now you can safely craft higher-cost items like triangle gems, and getting legendary types of equipment have a greater impact (since you get to keep them).



What legendary equipment is good?

The best legendary for early WD is probably the Cosmic Shield since it gives you a bit of essence find %. It also comes with a big chunk of magic%, which can be really helpful for magic-based teams. Other notable legendaries include the Keybringer (which has noticeably higher crit chance), the Grand Scepter (high magic %), and the Soul Guardian (biggest attack boost with a gem slot).



What’s wrong with Item Find? [It will be fixed in 1.0.4]

Basically, what’s happening with item find is that it increases the number of drops, but makes rare things rarer. This is skewed so heavily that super rare things, like legendary drops, are drastically reduced when running with even a little bit of +item find. For now, use item finds only when you need more materials and common drops for crafting. You can also use it when looking for rares if you can get enough of it (like 300+).



In more detail, what’s wrong with Item Find?

Okay, first you need to understand how the item drop system works. If the game decides an item is going to drop, it picks randomly from the list of all items that could possibly drop from that enemy. It then rolls for the success of that item dropping, which is the spawn rate as listed in the item compendium. For example, a rare essence magnet has a spawn rate of 275, so it has a 1/275 chance of success. A more common item like a piece of wood might have a successful chance of more like 1/40. *If an item is unsuccessful, the game goes back to its list of all possible items and picks again*. This means that if it selects a rare item, and then is unsuccessful, it could then select a common item, be unsuccessful again, and then roll for the rare item a second time. The problem with adding item find is how it skews these success ratios. With 50 items find, that rare now has a 1/225 chance of success instead of 1/275, which is an improvement… but the common item now has a 1/1 chance to be successful. This means the common with a drop if it’s selected, and you won’t get the extra chances at the rare items that being unsuccessful on common items would get you. If you can pump your item find to more than 275, that rare is now also guaranteed success if selected, so that can benefit its drop rate enough to make up for losing the extra chances at a rare that come from being unsuccessful at common items, especially since item find also increases the total number of items that can drop.


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