25 Tips & Tricks for Beginners - MGW 25 Tips & Tricks for Beginners 25 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

In this guide, I am going to share 25 quick tips and tricks with you that I believe are essential in your time on!


  • Race brakes will lose effectiveness when they are too cold.


  • You can customize vehicle-specific bindings (used in car crusher, cannon, etc) by clicking them on the top-right corner of the screen.


  • Some old cars are prone to catching fire after a crash, but modern cars are much safer.


  • Old roads with bumps, tarmac patches, and surface unevenness will limit cornering speed. You’ll need to adapt your speed according to road conditions.


  • If smoke comes out of the wheel wells, it’s likely that the brakes have overheated.


  • Stability control is only present in the most modern vehicles. Older cars will be harder to control at the limit.


  • Your car may run out of fuel after very long runs. Watch the fuel gauge!


  • You can install roll cages in some vehicles: not only is it safer, but it improves chassis stiffness and car handling.


  • Anti-lock brakes haven’t always been mandatory. Older cars require more careful braking techniques to keep them under control.


  • Plug in several controllers and play with your friends at home, by opening any of the Multiseat scenarios.


  • Unlock extra functionality by enabling the ‘Options’ > ‘User Interface’ > ‘Advanced Functions’ checkbox.


  • Increase the ride height of your off-road vehicle if you are having trouble crossing a river.


  • Operating an engine upside down causes oil starvation. Blue exhaust smoke will occur from oil submerging the cylinders, and the engine bearings could fail.


  • To improve your framerate, check the tips listed under Help > Performance > Basic Performance Improvements.


  • Old sports cars without electronic aids can be difficult to control and require gentle application of the throttle.


  • When cornering with a keyboard, repeatedly tap Left Arrow or Right Arrow keys to better control the steering angle and prevent unwanted understeer.


  • To show your own custom car configurations in the vehicle selector, enable Options > User Interface > Show Custom Vehicles.


  • The camera field of view can be tweaked in Options > Gameplay > FOV Tune.


  • You can drive using your mouse too. Just go to the Controls menu and assign new bindings to your taste.


  • Suddenly lifting the throttle in a high speed corner can unsettle the vehicle and lead to a loss of control. This is called lift-off oversteer.


  • You can slide the back of nose-heavy front-wheel drive vehicles easily with the parking brake, especially on loose surfaces.


  • To change the default shifting mode, go to Options > Gameplay


  • You can tweak tire pressure, alignment, and other settings in the Tuning menu.


  • It’s easy to run wide in corners when driving a car for the first time. Start slow, and drive faster as you get to know how each car handles.


  • You can drive at night by changing the settings in the Environment menu.


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