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Back 4 Blood – How can I change the weapon attachments on my weapon?

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How can I change the weapon attachments on my weapon?

When playing through a level, players will come across a variety of attachments that they can add to their weapon. Nearly every attachment works for every weapon, meaning these attachments can also function as the player’s downfall. Weapons like the Shotgun can have a Sniper Scope attached to them, which could render the entire weapon useless, as no one is going to be able to get long-range kills with a Shotgun just because of an added scope. These incompatible attachment combinations can be dangerous during critical moments, while more useful combinations can give players a greater advantage. This guide will show players how to change their weapon attachments in Back 4 Blood.


To change a weapon’s attachments in Back 4 Blood, players will need to find a replacement for the specific attachment. For example, players who have collected a magazine they don’t want will need to find another magazine at the same level to replace it. There is currently no method to remove an undesirable attachment altogether. This does offer a little unpredictability to each battle in a shooter like Back 4 Blood, and players will need to pay close attention to the attachments they discover. Because the option to delete attachments appears to be a feature that players want, it’s conceivable that it will be included when the full version launches in October. It’s ultimately up to the developers to decide if they want to implement this functionality to fulfill demand.


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