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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Multiplayer Perks Guide

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One of the biggest ways to customize your character in any Call of Duty game has always been the perks setup, a feature unique to the multiplayer modes. Perks are the foundation for whatever build you’re going for, and form the basis of your playstyle. You won’t run a juggernaut class if you don’t intend to get shot, and you won’t run a silenced class if you don’t intend to hide. In this Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Perks Guide, we have detailed everything that you need to know about perks in Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We also share a list of some of the best perks to use in the game.


We have detailed all perks below along with their boosts and bonuses;


  • Munitions –This one replaces your secondary weapon with a different primary weapon. In older Call of Duty titles, this was called Overkill.


  • Tune-Up –Carry an extra Lethal piece of equipment.


  • Restock –Your Lethal and Tactical are recharged quicker after each use.


  • Scavenger –You can replenish your ammo from other players.


  • Shrapnel –Your lethal equipment does more damage to enemies.


  • Warhead – Increases RPG reload speed.


  • Heavy Metal –Kill streak kills count towards more kill streaks.


  • High Alert –A yellow warning will flash on your screen when an enemy is taking aim at you.


  • Spotter –Highlights your enemies’ equipment, this is visible for you and your teammates so you might want to coordinate.


  • Battle Hardened – Flashbangs and stun grenades aren’t as effective against you.


  • Cold Blooded –You are immune to enemy UAVs and targeting systems.


  • EOD –Explosive damage is reduced.


  • Bounty hunter –Players who get a 3-killstreak or higher will have a bounty placed on them, killing them will give you extra kills towards your own killstreak.


  • Double Time –This triples the duration of Super Sprint.


  • Hunter –You can see the footprints of enemies on the ground.



Weapon Perks

  • Slight of Hand –Your reload speed increases.


  • Bayonet – Your knife gets a bayonet on it.


  • Ricochet –Your bullets will bounce off of walls.


  • Supersonic –Your bullets can daze enemies.


  • FMJ –Your bullets will penetrate further, doing more damage.


  • Skulker –Your crouch walk speed is increased.


  • Glacial –When you shoot enemies, they will slow down.


  • Shrapnel Shots –Your enemies’ health regeneration is slowed down when you shoot them.


  • Infinite Breath –Longer breath duration.


  • Mo’ Money –You earn extra XP when you make a headshot.


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