Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up – Staff Attributes Guide

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Staff Attributes

Staff members have 4 Attributes: StrengthSpeedStamina, and Perception.


Those Attributes go from 1 to 8 points. By doing any job around your station, the Staff member will gain XP. Once the XP bar is filled, you’ll be able to level up one Attribute.


The number of Strength points will define the number of Tools your Staff can carry.1 Strength = can carry 1 Tool.

3 Strength = can carry 2 Tools.

5 Strength = can carry 3 Tools.

8 Strength = can carry 4 Tools.


  • The Speed value defines the Speed at which the Staff member will complete its tasks.


  • The Stamina value defines the number of tasks the Staff member will be able to accomplish before getting too tired.


  • And the Perception value defines the area seen by your Staff member. The Staff member will be able to accomplish tasks within this area. It’s the least important Attribute because you can easily move your Staff flag around.


Therefore, by day you can place the flag close to platform 1, and the Staff will work around your commuters. And by night you can place the flag close to your main Utility room, so the staff can take care of the generators refill job.


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