Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up - Staff Skills - MGW

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up – Staff Skills

Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up - Staff Skills

Staff Skills level up with the type of jobs your Staff accomplishes. For example, the more megaphone job your Staff does, the more People Skill he develops.


As you can see in the Staff File, each Skill has a colored icon. Those icons are the same as the ones in the Job priorities and the Tool rooms. Therefore, each Skill is linked to a job with a specific Tool.


  • People: megaphone, assist-tablet.


  • Refuse litter picker, mop, rat pod, watering can.


  • Medical: first aid, drip, defib.


  • Security: crime desk, taser.


  • Repair: jerrycan, tookit.


You can also equip your Staff members with Uniforms to enhance one specific Skill. To unlock the Uniforms, you’ll first need to build specific Lockers in your Staffroom.


  • People: Customer services locker.


  • Refuse: Refuse locker.


  • Medical: Medic locker.


  • Security: Security locker.


  • Repair: Technician locker.


Note: the lockers don’t need to be accessed by your Staff. You’ll manually dress each of them from the Uniforms tab. So, it’s not a problem if the locker is stuck behind the Sofa for example. Besides, your staff won’t lose its Uniform while coming On Shift from another station. So, it’s not even mandatory to rebuild those Lockers in each of your stations.


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