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Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up – Staff

Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up - Staff

Having well-trained staff (who have access to lots of tools) will ensure a smooth-running, high-rep station. Here are a few things to know about the staff:


  • You can carry your staff over from station to station (hired staff can be found in the “off-shift” tab in the staff menu). This allows you to level up staff and build up an efficient team to help you run your stations.


  • You can only hire up to 9 staff in the station network, so choose staff qualities well (however, it is possible to fire staff if you want).


  • Staff members get experience points from completing jobs. Once they have enough experience points, they will be able to level up. However, in order for the staff to actually level up, you need to go into the staff member’s file tab (right-click on the staff member’s image) to choose which skill area you want to level up. If you don’t do this, the staff will not level up. (See tip #4 below for more info about skill areas.)


  • You need to supply an adequate number of tools for your staff. If a staff member requires more of a certain tool, the red text will appear near the staff member with the name of the tool they require. When a staff member goes on break, they take their tools with them, so it is usually necessary to provide more than one of each tool in the tool room for other staff members to access.


  • Don’t forget to prioritize staff jobs (1 = high priority, 2 = medium priority, 3 = low priority). This is done in the staff member’s “Job Priorities” tab which you can access by right-clicking on the staff member’s image at the top of the screen (or by clicking on the staff button in the bottom right corner of the screen). Ensuring that different staff has high priority on different jobs will ensure that your station runs efficiently (i.e. having someone with a high priority on medical tasks, another person with a high priority on safety tasks, etc.). I recommend putting “pick litter” on high priority for most (if not all) of your staff as litter will be your constant enemy during the game.


  • Staff need breaks! Make sure to build a staff room early on in the station so your staff can rest and recover.




Each staff member has four different skill areas they can level up: Strength, Stamina, Speed, and Perception. Below is a description of what each skill area does:


  • Strength – this allows staff to carry more tools at the same time. Most staff start out with the ability to carry one or two tools. As staff level up in this area, they will be able to carry three and then eventually four tools at the same time.


  • Stamina – this determines how long it takes a staff member to recover after carrying out a task (or failing to carry out the task) before being able to carry out the next task.


  • Speed –this determines how quickly staff move around the station.


  • Perception – this defines the limit of the staff member’s perception of jobs that need to be completed around the station. The radius of perception originates from the staff member’s flag point (this can be moved). The larger the staff member’s perception, the more problems/jobs they are able to detect.


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