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Strategic Command: World War I – How to Reinforce a Unit

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How to Reinforce a Unit

To reinforce a unit, right click on it and select either Reinforce or Elite Reinforcements from the drop-down menu. If the unit cannot receive any of these then these options will be grayed out.


Note: Reinforcing a unit completes its action for the turn.


A unit can be reinforced providing:


-It has not yet carried out any actions this turn or has only swapped position with a friendly unit.


-Its current Supply Value allows for an increase in strength.


-Its controlling Major has sufficient MPPs available.


A unit’s maximum reinforcement value is relative to its Supply Value.


Regular reinforcement will allow a unit to be reinforced up to a maximum strength value of 10, with a small reduction in experience for every strength point reinforced. This represents the intake of new recruits lacking in combat experience.


Note that naval units (with the sole exception of Torpedo Boats) can only receive a maximum of 5 strength points per turn, and this rule does not apply to the air component of Carriers.


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