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Strategic Command: World War I – Further Gameplay Tips

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Here are some general thoughts on things to consider every turn:


-Reinforce or move to safety any battered units, replacing them if they were defending key positions.


-Look for any other key positions that aren’t currently defended, but are threatened by the enemy, and see if you can place or move units to defend them.


-Now make your moves and attacks. Some useful things to know are that:


-Units that attack before moving will generally have more effect.


-Units attacking across rivers suffer a penalty, so try to cross elsewhere if possible.


-Use your Cavalry or aircraft to reconnoiter before advancing deep into enemy territory.


-Use your Recon Bombers to strike a unit before it is bombarded by your artillery, and then attack it with your infantry.


-Maintain Cavalry units near the front line when launching offensives so that they can exploit any successes and convert them into a breakthrough.


-Tank units are vulnerable to infantry assault in urban areas.


-Damaged units need reinforcements and good supply to recover.


-Keep your HQs, artillery, air, and any other support units close to, but not in, the front line.


-You can sack HQs with low command ratings and replace them with better ones by right-clicking on the HQ.


-Consider whether you need to buy any units to either replace losses or for use in the near future. Plan ahead, as there will be a delay between buying a unit and its arrival. Upgrade any units that can be upgraded but keep an eye on your available expenditure as some upgrades are more important than others. For instance, upgrading your navy probably isn’t very relevant if the enemy are attacking your capital.


-Consider whether you have any remaining income to undertake any research or diplomacy.


-Consider providing Elite Reinforcements to any experienced units.


-Partisans can spring up if their trigger points aren’t covered. Keep an eye out for them!


-Forests and Trenches block line of sight, so bear this in mind when planning your moves.


-Check out the main Manual and Strategy Guide in the Manuals folder or access them in-game using the buttons at the top right of the screen.


-Have fun! That’s what it’s all about, so don’t get too hung up on doing everything right the first time. It will come, and sometimes a decisive defeat is the best teacher.


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