Strategic Command: World War I - National Morale - MGW

Strategic Command: World War I – National Morale

Strategic Command: World War I - National Morale

National Morale represents a Major Powers’ willingness to fight, and will be reduced when their resources are captured, casualties are suffered, and key locations are taken.


  • If National Morale falls to zero then the Major Power will surrender, so maintaining National Morale is important.


  • Capturing resources belonging to enemy Majors, destroying enemy land and air units while their supply is less than 5, and sinking enemy ships at sea irrespective of their supply value, will also provide boosts to your National Morale.


  • Taking key locations marked as National Morale objectives will either boost the occupier’s National Morale or penalize their opponent’s, sometimes both. Plan your strategies accordingly as taking these locations will assist your efforts to win the war.


  • If a Major surrenders due to having low National Morale, then no Plunder is gained by the other side.


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