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Strategic Command: World War I (PC) Game Hotkeys

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PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

The following list of hotkeys is the ones that come by default with the game.


G – Turn the map hex grid on or off.


H – Temporarily hide all units on the map.


L – Display the last turn’s summaries for reference.


P – Show the location of potential enemy Partisan activity.


R – Show reinforceable units, as these will show a green unit strength number.


S – Show the level of supply your forces currently receive, along with a prediction of how much they will receive if venturing into enemy territory if you press S again.


U – Show upgradeable units and resources, displayed by a green research-level number.


Page Up/Down – Select the previous or next active unit that has not yet moved. To Set a Path – hold down Ctrl, then select a route.


Space – this deselects a currently selected unit.


Shift – Select this to see how far a Carrier that hasn’t yet moved can attack.


! ” # $ – Scroll map left, right, up or down.


+/- Map zoom controls


Ctrl-D – Diplomacy


Ctrl-E – End Turn


Ctrl-I – Reports


Ctrl-M – Maps


Ctrl-N – New Units


Ctrl-O – Options


Ctrl-P – Purchase Units


Ctrl-Q – Quit


Ctrl-R – Research


Ctrl-S – Save


Ctrl-Z – To undo moves by Land and Air units (Naval units cannot undo their moves).


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