Command: Modern Operations (PC) Game Hotkeys - MGW

Command: Modern Operations (PC) Game Hotkeys

Command: Modern Operations (PC) Game Hotkeys

The following list of hotkeys is the ones that come by default with the game.



PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts


Spacebar, CTRL+ENTER: Pause/Resume Game.

CTRL+S: Save Scenario.



Tactical Map

CTRL+ [1…0]: Store quick-jump slot

[1…0]: Recall quick-jump slot.

Mouse Right-Click: Center map on the clicked point

Mouse Right-Click and drag: Pan map

Up arrow, Num 8: Pan map up

Right arrow, Num 6: Pan map right

Left arrow, Num 4: Pan map left

Down arrow, Num 2: Pan map down

Z, Mouse Scroll: Zoom in

X, Mouse Scroll: Zoom out

V, PgUp, Num 9: Switch unit/group view

| (vert separator): Select next unit

Backspace: Select previous unit

T: Track selected unit

Del: Delete selected waypoint

CTRL+Ins: Add reference point




CTRL+R: Rename Reference Point

CTRL+Del: Delete Reference Point

CTRL+End: Deselect All Reference Points

CTRL+D: Range/Bearing Tool

End, Num 1: Toggle Illumination Vectors

Home, Num 7: Toggle Targeting Vectors

* (Star): Toggle Datablocks

CTRL+M: Clear Message Log

CTRL+Shift+M: Message Log in Separate Window

Scenario Editor

CTRL+V: Toggle God’s Eye View (see all)

INS: Add Unit

C: Copy Unit

Shift+C: Clone Unit

M: Move Unit

R: Rename Unit

Del: Delete Unit

Alt+S: Toggle Sides

CTRL+X: Map coordinates to clipboard

CTRL+F6: Add/Remove Aircraft

CTRL+F7: Add/Remove Boats



Function Keys

F1: Engage Targets (Auto)

Shift+F1: Engage Targets (Manual)

CTRL+F1: Bearing Only Launch

F2: Throttle+Altitude



Command Modern Operations

F3: Plot Course

F4: Formation Editor

F5: Magazines

F6: Air Operations

F7: Boat Operations

F8: Mounts + Weapons

F9: Sensors

CTRL+F9: Unit/Group Doctrine

CTRL+Shift+F9: Side Doctrine

F10: Damage/Systems Status

F11: Mission Editor

CTRL+F11: Create New Mission



Own Units

U: Unassign Selected Units

G: Group Selected Units

D: Detach Selected Units From Group

A: Toggle Weapons Hold/Inherit for Selected Units

CTRL+A: Toggle Weapons Hold/Inherit for All Units

I: Toggle Ignore Plotted Course When Attacking For Selected




CTRL+I: Toggle Ignore Plotted Course When Attacking For All




E: Drop Target

CTRL+E: Disengage (Drop All Targets)

L: Hold Position For Selected Units

CTRL+L: Hold Position For All Units

Shift+ [: Drop Passive Sonobuoy Above Layer




[: Drop Passive Sonobuoy Below Layer

Shift+]: Drop Active Sonobuoy Above Layer

]: Drop Active Sonobuoy Below Layer

Shift+D: Deploy Dipping Sonar

O: Display Order Of Battle+Contacts Window




P, PgDn, Num 3: Drop Contacts

H: Mark Hostile

CTRL+H: Mark Unfriendly

N: Mark Neutral

F: Mark Friendly

R: Rename




CTRL+Shift+C: Lua Script Console

CTRL+C: Copy Lua values of the selected unit to the clipboard

CTRL+Z: Copy Lua values of highlighted RPs to clipboard


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