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Armored Brigade (PC) Game Hotkeys

Armored Brigade (PC) Game Hotkeys

PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

The following list of hotkeys is the ones that come by default with the game.



Drag & drop – Place units/formations

Space – Place units/formations

Shift+Space – Infiltrate

Space – Pause/Resume, Start a round

Tab – Fast time compression on/off

Shift+Tab – Slow time compression on/off

Shift+C – Custom fast time compression

F1 – Show/browse/close a hint

Shift+F1 – Show hotkeys

Ctrl+F1 – Tutorial mode on/off

Ctrl+Shift+F1 – Reset tutorial

F2 – Order of battle

F11 – ISO view

F12 – Screenshot

Arrows/Right-click – Scroll the map

Middle-click & hold – Pan the map

Enter – Show the selected unit specs

H – Elevation map

L – Line-of-sight tool

Shift+S – Toggle sound

V – Call artillery support

Shift+V – Call air support

+ . > = Wheel-Up – Zoom in

– , < _ Wheel-Down – Zoom out

Wheel-Up – OrBat scroll up

Wheel-Down – OrBat scroll down

Esc – Cancel/Menu




Ctrl+New WP – Add a disabled WP

Ctrl+Left-click on a WP – Activate/disable the WP

Delete – Delete the last WP

Backspace – Delete all WPs

A – Advance

C – Contact (advance)

D – Defend/Battle position

F – Fast (advance)

R – Reverse

S – Scout

W – Rotate

Z – Unload



Graphics Options

Shift/Ctrl+F10 – Adjust the map detail distance

Shift+F11 – Framerate on/off

B – Toggle NATO icons

Shift+B – Adjust the unit sprite scale

Ctrl+B – Toggle target lines

Shift+F – Toggle engagement ranges

G – Map grid on/off

Shift+G – Terrain grid on/off

Ctrl+G – Map info on/off

Shift+H – Elevation map color mode

Ctrl+H – Elevation map color sensitivity

J – Toggle spotting ranges

Shift+L – Line-of-sight tool color mode

Ctrl+L – Map locations on/off

Shift+W – Toggle waypoints



Selecting Units/Formations

Left-click & hold – Select multiple units

2x Left-click – Follow the unit

Right-click – Open the command menu

Right-click on a unit – Select one unit and open the command menu

Shift – Keep selections

1-9 – Select a quick-group

2x 1-9 – Go to a quick-group

Ctrl+1-9 – Create a quick-group




Ctrl+V – Call HQ CAS

Ctrl+W – Create a smoke screen

Shift+Z – Unload

Ctrl+Z – Load



Standard Operating Procedure

E – Rate of fire: Slow

Shift+E – Rate of fire: Fast

K – Do not use the main armament

Shift+K – Use the main armament

M – Hold fire (soft targets)

Shift+M – Hold fire (hard targets)

N – Effective range (soft targets)

Shift+N – Effective range (hard targets)

P – Unload on contact

Shift+P – Do not unload on contact

Q – Smoke generator: On

Shift+Q – Smoke generator: Off

X – Set range (soft targets)

Shift+X – Set range (hard targets)

Ctrl+X – Clear the range settings




F3 – Formation: narrower

F4 – Formation: wider

F5 – Formation: form column

F6 – Formation: form line

F7 – Formation: form wedge

F8 – Formation: form vee

F9 – Formation: form echeloned line

Shift+F5 – Formation: form echelon left

Shift+F6 – Formation: form echelon right

Shift+F7 – Formation: march

Shift+F8 – Formation: regroup

Shift+F9 – Formation: free



Indirect Fire

T – IF: HE

Y – IF: Smoke

U – IF: Illumination

I – IF: 1 Round

Shift+I – IF: Fire for effect

O – IF: Hold fire

Shift+O – IF: Cancel




Ctrl+C – Covered path

Ctrl+Q – Quickest path

Ctrl+S – Shortest path

5.8.9. Developer Mode

Ctrl+Shift+D – Show AI on/off

Ctrl+Shift+S – Start a thunderstorm

Ctrl+Shift+T – Fast day-night cycle on/off


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