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How to Get Madden NFL 24 Twitch Drop Rewards

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Hey Madden fans! Lookin’ to snag those fire Twitch drops for Madden 24? I got you! EA’s droppin’ them just like they do for their other titles. So, if you’re ready to flex with some special packs or MUT player rewards, then let’s dive right into it.



What’s the Hype About?

Before anything, let’s clear the air: Twitch Drops for Madden 24 are basically rewards you can get just by kickin’ back and watchin’ your favorite Madden streamers. You watch, you get free stuff. Easy as pie!



 Link Up Your Accounts


  • Sign in to Twitch when prompted.


  • Once done, link your EA account. If you’re not already signed in, you’ll need to do that too.



Got a Twitch Account? Awesome!

If you’re already on Twitch, you’re ahead of the curve. If not, just sign up on Twitch—it’s quick and free.



Time to Watch Some Streams

Find Madden 24 streamers who have Twitch drops enabled. Most popular streamers will have this, but always check for that Twitch drop symbol.



How to Know You’re Earning Drops?

While watching a stream with drops, you should see a notification or indicator that confirms you’re earning drops. If there’s no sign, consider checking out another stream.



Getting Your Drops

Once you’ve accumulated some drops, visit your Twitch inventory. The Madden 24 drops will be there. Simply click ‘claim’, and they’ll transfer over.



Few Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Just typing “drops” in the chat doesn’t guarantee you anything—just watch and the rewards will come…


  • Remember, not every Madden streamer has drops enabled. Always look for that Twitch drop symbol.


  • Stay updated on special Twitch drop events, especially during big Madden tournaments or seasons. There are often special drops during these times…


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