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Madden NFL 24: How to Shed Blocks

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Shedding Blocks: What’s the Deal?

Aight, for the rookies out there, let’s break it down. Block shedding is when you’re on the defensive side and you gotta muscle or finesse your way past those offensive linemen tryna hold you back. Think of it like a dance battle: you gotta out-move your opponent to shine.


Block shedding is crucial in both the run game and the passing game. In the run, your guys need to shed blocks to get their hands on the ball carrier. In the passing game, your pass rushers gotta shed blocks to put the heat on the QB.



How to Get Your Block Shedding Game On Point in Madden 24

Now that we’re all on the same page about what block shedding is, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to boss it in Madden NFL 24.



Before the Snap

Before the ball’s even in play, you gotta make sure your D-linemen are in the right spots to max out their block shedding skills.


  • Crash Course: Before the ball’s in play, set up your defense. Crash your D-line to the outside – that’s left on the d-pad, right stick up. This gives your squad that one-on-one matchup against the O-tackles, setting the stage for your block shed takeover.


  • Get In Position: Grab a player (like a linebacker) and post up right over the center before the snap. Hold that left trigger (L2 on PlayStation) to get the center’s attention. This little move makes it harder for the center to double-team your linemen, giving your guys an easier path to shed those blocks.



After the Snap

Once the ball’s in play, here’s what you gotta do.


  • Get In There and Shed: Your player should be all up in the center’s face now. As your D-linemen scrap with the O-line, you’ll see they’re getting off those blocks much easier, all thanks to those one-on-ones you set up before the snap.


  • Make Your Move: Once your linemen have shaken their blocks, it’s time to make some noise. If it’s a run, you should have a clean shot at the ball carrier. If it’s a pass, your rushers should be all up in the QB’s grill, forcing a bad throw or a sack…


  • Lock It Down: Don’t sleep on coverage. Once your linemen are engaged, switch to covering those short routes or drags in the middle of the field. You’ll be in prime position to jump on any short passes while your linemen keep bringing the heat.



Pro Tips

Here are a few more nuggets to level up your block shedding game:


  • Edge Threats: In Madden NFL 24, edge threats are where it’s at. When you’re rolling with a 2-4 defensive formation, pinch your D and crash ’em down. This gets those edge threats fired up and shedding blocks like mad. Just don’t try this in a nickel-over formation – it ain’t gonna work.


  • Play Action Counter: If your opponent is hitting you with play-action plays to slow down your block shedding, switch it up. Play-action can throw your edge rushers off their game. Adjust your strategy based on what the offense is throwing at you.


  • Grind It Out: Like anything in Madden, you gotta put in the work. Hit up practice mode and work on your block shedding skills, trying different tactics to see what works best for you…


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