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Madden NFL 24: How to Turn On or Off Voice Chat

Madden NFL 24: How to Turn On or Off Voice Chat

If you’ve been grinding on Madden NFL 24 and you’re either tired of hearing trash talk from that kid claiming he’s the GOAT or you just wanna hop in and chat with your squad, I got you. Here’s the step-by-step guide, broken down, on how to turn on or off voice chat in Madden NFL 24; let’s get it:


  • First things first, kickstart that Madden NFL 24. Get to that main screen where it’s all happening. You know the one.


  • On the main menu, you’ll see a bunch of options, but what you’re lookin’ for is that “Settings” option -> click on that


  • Now, you’re in the settings, and you gotta make a choice. You wanna hit up “accessibility” or “volume control“. Both will lead you to the promised land, but accessibility’s got some other cool stuff too. Your call, player.


  • If you choose the “accessibility” route, start scrolling down. I mean, keep on going… all the way down. Voice chat ain’t playing hard to get, it’s just chilling at the bottom; it’s the last option, kinda like the last pick in the draft but way more useful.


  • Now if you picked “volume control” instead, you’re in for a treat. It’s the same deal here, so don’t sweat it. Just look out for the voice chat option and you’re golden.


  • If you went with volume control (maybe you’re trying to adjust some other sounds too, or maybe you just like this path better – no judgment here), you’ll find the same voice chat option in there. So toggle away!


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