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Madden NFL 24: How to Hurdle

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The Basics: Why Hurdle?

First things first, why even bother with the hurdle? It’s flashy, it’s bold, and when done right, it’s straight up disrespectful to the opponent. That’s why! Getting that sweet, sweet animation of your player going airborne while the defender’s left grasping at air? Pure gold. It’s a mad flex and a great tool to have in your offensive arsenal.



Hurdlin’ 101: Button Mashing Time

Alright, here’s the lowdown:


  • Xbox Users: Press the Y button while sprinting to initiate the hurdle move.


  • PlayStation Users: Hit the Triangle button while running at full speed.


  • PC Players: The R key is your go-to for hurdling when moving with the ball.


Remember, you gotta be sprinting with the ball. No half measures here.



Timing: It Ain’t Just Button Mashing

Look, just pressing a button ain’t gonna cut it. Hurdling has its time and place. Here’s the pro-tip: Watch out for the defender. When you see him about to dive into that tackle, that’s your golden ticket. Hit that hurdle button and watch the magic unfold…



The Strategy: Know Your Player

Let’s keep it a buck, not all players are made equal. If you’re running with a beefy lineman, maybe save the hurdles for another time. But if you’ve got a running back with bunnies for legs, it’s go-time. Check out your player’s stats. Agility and jumping stats are gonna play big.



Risks and Rewards

Keep it 100: There’s always a risk. Your player is exposed mid-air, and there’s a chance you’ll fumble or take a nasty hit. So, don’t just hurdle for the gram; make sure it’s strategic.


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