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Madden NFL 24: How to QB Slide and Dive

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Madden NFL 24: How to QB Slide

  • Get Ready to Run: The first thing you gotta do is start scrambling with your quarterback. Just hit the R2 (PS5) or RT (Xbox) and your QB will start running with the ball. Don’t go all in, though – remember, this is football, not a track meet. We’re here to play smart, not fast.


  • Cross the Line: So you’re rolling out with your QB, just crossed the line of scrimmage, and now the real show begins. But don’t trip – if you try to slide behind the line, your QB’s just gonna toss a pass and you’ll look mad dumb…


  • Slide to Safety: Aight, time to hit the deck! Smash that Square button (PS5) or X button (Xbox) and watch your QB drop it low. You’ll dodge the big hit and keep the rock safe – that’s clutch if you don’t wanna cough up a fumble.


  • Perfect Timing: Time’s ticking, so don’t slack. If the D’s closing in and you haven’t slid yet, you’re playing with fire. Don’t risk the turnover – hit that slide as soon as the D gets near.


  • Be Smart: If it doesn’t look safe to run, don’t. Sometimes, the pocket is the best place for your QB. Remember, football is a game of strategy, not just speed & strength.



Madden NFL 24: How to QB Dive

  • When to Dive: Diving is a great way to get those extra yards if you’re close to the first down or the end zone. But be careful – diving increases the risk of fumbling, so only do it if you really need those yards.


  • Dive Like a Pro: To dive, hold Square (PS5) or X (Xbox) while you’re scrambling with your QB. Your player will lunge forward, trying to gain those last crucial inches. Use it wisely, though; diving can also make you more vulnerable to big hits and injuries.


  • Know the Difference: Remember, there’s a big difference between sliding and diving. Sliding is safe but doesn’t get you extra yards, while diving gets you more yards but is risky. Be smart and choose the right option for the situation…


  • Give Up Option: If you’re using a ball carrier like your running back and you want to get down quickly without risking a fumble, follow the give-up option. This will allow you to protect the ball and avoid potential turnovers.


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