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Madden NFL 24: How to Celebrate – All Celebrations

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Alright, so we all know it’s not just about securing that win – it’s also about celebrating in style. Madden NFL 24? It’s packed with dope celebration options for those big plays, touchdown moments, or just when you’re feeling a bit flashy. Let’s dive in and break down these celebrations & how to nail them.


  • Touchdown Celebrations: So you just scored a touchdown and you’re ready to get your celebration on. No sweat! You’ll see four options pop up on your screen. All you gotta do is use the right stick and flick it towards the celebration you’re feelin’. No need to mess around with the triggers, just let it rip!


  • Celebration Runs: You’re on the brink of scoring, and you’re feeling like adding a little extra spice. On Xbox, hold LT + RT + A (or L2 + R2 + X on PlayStation) to start a celebration run. Mess around with the right joystick for various animations whether you’re running, standing, or even holding it in different directions.


  • Swagger Celebrations: What’s a touchdown without a little swagger? When the prompt comes up, choose the Swagger option, and your player will do something a bit outrageous. Maybe they’ll pretend to row a boat or do the worm. Yeah, it’s wild…


  • Showboating with Teammates: This one’s a gem. If you’re breaking away with a teammate close by, hit those showboat buttons (LT, RT, A or L2, R2, X) when you’re within five yards of the end zone, and your teammate will join you. It’s like a dynamic duo of awesomeness.


  • Game-Winning Celebrations: You just scored the winning touchdown, and the squad is hyped! Watch as your teammates come over and start celebrating with you. It’s a whole party on the field!


  • Special Goal Line Celebrations: Alright, listen up. This one’s unique. When you’re about to cross the goal line, hold those showboat buttons (LT, RT, A or L2, R2, X) right around the two or three-yard line, and your player will pull off a celebration you can’t trigger any other way. They might front flip, do the worm, or even take a bow. You won’t know until you try it!!


  • Defensive Celebrations: Don’t worry, defense – we didn’t forget about you. Make a big stop or pick off a pass, and you can flex, dance, or hit that Swagger option too. Show ’em you mean business.


  • Diving Celebrations: Wanna dive into the end zone like a boss? Just hold X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation when you’re about two or three yards out. You’ll dive in and then bust out a celebration on the ground. Snow angels, anyone??


  • Falling Celebrations: This one’s just hilarious. Instead of diving, tap X or Square when you’re about to cross the goal line. You’ll stumble into the end zone, then do something goofy on the ground. Classic.


  • The Too-Small Celebration: This one’s random, but if you’re on defense and knock the ball loose or defend a pass, your player might do the “too small” celebration. You know, like they do in every sport now. Priceless.


  • Signature Celebrations: Some players like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce have signature celebrations. Score with them, and you’ll see something unique. Like Hill’s peace sign deuces or Kelce’s “Hit the Quan.”


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