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Madden NFL 24: How to Strip the Ball

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If you’ve been getting torched by running backs and receivers dancing in your secondary, it’s time to change up the game. Let’s talk about one of the dopest mechanics in Madden NFL 24: stripping the ball. Turnovers can be game-changers, and if you ain’t forcing ‘em, you’re missing out.



Learn the Ropes – The Controls

If you’re rocking an Xbox, you’re gonna want to tap the RB button when you’re chasing down the ball carrier. PlayStation folks, it’s R1 for you. But remember, this isn’t a button-mashing situation; it’s all about timing…



Making it Happen – The Strategies

Here are two main methods to get that ball:


  • Solo Pursuit: So you could totally try to chase down the ball carrier and smack that strip button. But let’s keep it 100, this ain’t really the best move. Most of the time, you’ll just end up whiffing and looking silly.


  • Gang Tackle Approach: This is the real deal! When the ball carrier is already wrapped up in a tackle, that’s your chance to swoop in like a hawk and press the strip button. Next thing you know, that ball will be on the ground.



“Click On” Method

If you’re out of position with your current player, no problem. Just use the “click on” method to switch to the nearest defender. Once you’re close enough, hit the R1/RB button and get in on the action.



Pro Tips

  • Safety First: If you’re the last line of defense, maybe don’t go for the strip. The last thing you want is to miss and let the ball carrier break free for an easy touchdown.


  • Use it Wisely: Players get worn down as the game goes on. That’s when they start fumbling those tackle battles. So as the game progresses, look for opportunities to step in with the strip move…


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