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Madden NFL 24: How to Change Camera Angle

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Ayo, Madden fam! Tired of the same old view? Let’s dive in and switch things up, ‘cause sometimes you gotta get a new perspective to really ball out.



In-Game Adjustments on the Fly

  • Get Down with the D-Pad: So, you’re balling out in Madden 24, and that basic camera angle ain’t cutting it anymore? Say less. Grab that controller and hit up the D-pad.


  • All Up in the Action: Tryna be right there where the action’s at? Press ‘Up’ on that D-pad, and you’re right behind the QB, practically smelling the turf. And if you’re rockin’ it on defense, hit ‘Up’ one more time to get a killer angle from the right side of the D-line.


  • High-Key Viewing: If you’re more of a bird’s-eye view type, press ‘Down’ on the D-pad and check out the field from a higher, wider angle. This is clutch for spotting openings or shutting down that offense. Keep pressing ‘Down’ to zoom out even more and snag a dope angled side view.


  • No Switch-Ups Mid-Play: Heads up, once you snap the ball, your camera angle’s locked in. No changing it up until the next play…



Menu Camera Settings

  • Toggle On or Off: By default, the camera toggle is on. If you’re not about that life, turn it off in Options > Settings > Visual Feedback > Cameras > Camera Toggle on/off.


  • Next-Level Options: While you’re in the Visual Feedback menu, turn on or off the passing cam, and mess with the Dynamic Camera Effects. Get creative with it.


  • Main Menu Magic: In the main menu, click that gear icon, hit up the Visual Feedback submenu, and get into Cameras. Here, you can set your default camera angles for offense and defense. You can even mess with player-lock options like Cinematic, Traditional, and Wide.


  • All About Options: You’ve got choices here. Standard, Wide, All-22, Broadcast, Zoom – try them all out and see which one vibes with you…


  • Zoom to Your Liking: In Madden 24, you can zoom in and out on the fly. Press up or down on the D-pad to get closer to the action or to see the whole field. Adjust until you find the perfect view.


  • No Cap, Find Your Style: Real talk, there’s no one-size-fits-all camera angle. Test them out, and find the one that gets you in the zone. You do you.


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