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Madden NFL 24: How to Set Up Auto-Subs (Offense & Defense Subs)

Madden NFL 24: How to Set Up Auto-Subs (Offense & Defense Subs)

So you’ve been grinding on Madden NFL 24 and you’re probably thinking, How do I keep my star players from getting gassed out?? The answer: Auto-Subs!! Setting it up means you don’t have to pause and swap players every two minutes.



Getting to the Settings

First things first, fam. From the main menu, you’re gonna wanna head over to Settings. It’s usually in the same place across most Madden games. Navigate around if you need to, but it’s typically straightforward.



Find the Auto Subs Tab

Inside settings, you’ll find a tab labeled “Auto Subs”. If you’re wondering, “What’s this auto-sub business?” Think of it as the Madden version of a manager telling his players to head in or out of the game. No need for you to do it manually, especially if you’re deep into strategizing your next touchdown.



Breakdown of Offense Subs

Once you’re in, you’ll see different positions listed for offense. We’re talking:


  • Quarterbacks: Yeah, that star player! Decide when he takes a breather and when his backup gets some field time.


  • Running Backs: Keep those legs fresh for those game-winning runs.


  • Wide Receivers: Rotate them out, so they’re always ready to snag that ball.


  • Fullbacks & Tight Ends: Vital for blocking and sneaky passes.


  • Offensive Lineman: Protect your QB and open those lanes!


You’ll see options for when you want them to sub out and when to sub back in. Play around with this till it feels right. You don’t want your main guy gasping for breath during the final quarter, right?



Defense Ain’t Left Out

Switch to the defensive settings and you’ll see:


  • Defensive Tackles & Ends: The frontline guys, holding down the fort…


  • Linebackers: Quick and agile, ready to intercept or tackle.


  • Cornerbacks & Safeties: Last line of defense against those sneaky deep throws.


Same deal here. Adjust when you want them to take a quick break and when to jump back in the action.



Seal the Deal

Once you’ve got everything dialed in, make sure you save your settings. We don’t want all that hard work going down the drain…


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