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Madden NFL 24: How to Stiff Arm

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A stiff arm in football is like your secret weapon when you’re running with the ball. You use one arm to fend off defenders, pushing them away and keeping them off you. It’s like that annoying little brother you have, always trying to get in your business, and you just shove him aside. Same concept…


  • Know Your Player: Before you even think about throwing a stiff arm, know your player’s strength. If you’re running with a big, bruising back, you can probably stiff-arm linebackers. But if you’re a smaller wideout, you might want to stick to cornerbacks or safeties.


  • Ease Up: Before you’re thinking about dropping that stiff arm, lay off the sprint button. Going full throttle might look cool, but you gotta be in control to drop a proper stiff arm.


  • All About Timing: The stiff arm is all about timing. Wait until the defender is within arm’s reach, then hit ’em with it. On Xbox, you’ll be using the ‘X‘ button, on PlayStation it’s ‘Square‘, and for you PC players, check your keybindings, but it’s usually ‘E‘.


  • Shove Off: When you nail that button, your player’s gonna push off the defender like he’s swiping left on Tinder. Done right, and the defender’s taking a detour while you keep on trucking.


  • Watch The Hands: While you’re in the zone, don’t get too handsy. Grabbing face masks isn’t a good look, and refs will slap you with a penalty faster than you can say, “C’mon, ref!”


  • Reps Lead to Respect: It’s not gonna be second nature from the jump. Spend some quality time in the skills trainer. The more you practice, the more that stiff arm becomes second nature. Before long, defenders will think twice before squaring up with you.


  • Choose Your Moments: As dope as the stiff arm is, it ain’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Use it wisely. If you see some open field and just one dude in your way, it might be time to introduce him to your palm…


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