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Madden NFL 24: How to Hard Cut

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What is a Hard Cut?

So, what’s a Hard Cut? It’s a quick pivot and change of direction that can help you squeeze into tight lanes & dodge defenders. It’s like a juke move, but a lot faster and way smoother. Use it to juke out opponents, hit ’em with a sweet fake, and zig-zag your way to the end zone.



How to Perform a Hard Cut in Madden NFL 24

Performing a Hard Cut is actually pretty easy, but it’s all about that timing. First, you gotta hold down either LT (Xbox) or L2 (PlayStation) and then whip that left stick in the direction you want to pivot. Boom, you’re now a cuttin’ machine…


When to Use Hard Cut: When you’re in a tight spot and need to make a quick move, that’s when you go for the hard cut. It’s super handy for squeezing through those little gaps the defense left behind, turning a potential loss into some solid yardage. Whether you’re running an 01 trap or a 5-6 trap, the hard cut is your go-to for changing direction fast and dodging those tacklers.



Tips to Make the Most of Your Hard Cuts

  • Let Go of Turbo: If you’re trying to cut hard and deep, ease up on the turbo or sprint button. Trust me, you’ll have more control over your cuts and make sharper moves.


  • Gentle with the Stick: Don’t go ham on that left stick. Be smooth and gentle with your moves. It’ll make your cuts way shifter, and you’ll be able to pivot in a flash…


  • Look for Open Lanes: When you’re running with the rock, keep an eye out for open lanes in the defense. Use your Hard Cut to quickly shift into those gaps and rack up some serious yardage.


  • Stringing Moves Together: Mix up your Hard Cuts with other ball-carrier moves like stiff arms, dives, and slides. You can even double juke with it. Get creative and keep those defenders guessing!!


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