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How to Get & Upgrade Team Captains in Madden NFL 24

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You’ve probably been scrolling around, wondering where your team captain even chills at. No stress, here’s the move:


  • Head over to the Live Events tab in Madden 24.


  • Grab your remote and squeeze that left trigger (LT).


  • A menu will pop up, and up top, you’ll peep options like “season one,” “ultimate preseason,” and “team captains” amongst others.


  • Scroll down until you see “team captains.” Release LT, and bam – welcome to the Team Captain’s spot.



Getting Familiar:

Once you’re in, you’ll notice several tabs – events, sets, catalog, and objectives. But the real juice? It’s in the objectives.


  • Click on objectives and you’ll see two key areas: the objectives and the rewards.



Understanding The Captains:

If you’re new to the Madden scene, Team Captains are players that’ll be rocking with you throughout Madden 24. As you progress in the game, you can earn tokens to upgrade your Team Captains & boost their stats.


For example, the legend Eric Berry might start off as an 80 overall, but with these tokens, you can push him to an 85 and keep climbing from there.



Changes in The Game:

EA switched it up a bit this year. In the past, you’d pick your Captain from a set of players. But now, as you progress in the Team Captain Field Pass, you’ll unlock these players. So, at different levels, you get different players. By level eight, Eric Berry is yours. And the best part? You can max out all these players’ stats. It’s straight fire!!



Upgrade Time:

Once you’ve got your hands on a Team Captain, it’s time to give them a boost:


  • Head to your lineup screen.


  • Select your Captain (let’s say, Kevin Mawae).


  • Click upgrade. Here you can slot in those precious Team Captain tokens to boost your player’s overall.


  • Collect enough tokens, and you can keep elevating your Captain to top-tier levels.



Earning Progress Quickly:

There’s an array of objectives to tackle. But here’s a quick strategy:


  • First, aim for the easy stuff, like scoring points in any game mode. Head to solo challenges and keep replaying on a low difficulty to stack up points fast…


  • Once you’ve gotten a good amount, pop in a Team Captain (like Frank Gore) into your lineup.


  • From there, you decide. You can jump into house rules, go against other players, and rack up all types of stats. Or, hit up solo challenges and focus on specific stats. Whatever floats your boat.


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