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Madden NFL 24: How to Create a Player & Add The Player to a Franchise

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What’s good, Madden Heads? Ever dreamed of putting yourself in the game or creating a player so OP they’re practically a cheat code? Well, you’re in luck; here’s how to create your own player & add them to your franchise in Madden 24.



Crafting Your Player

  • Hop In: Fire up Madden NFL 24 and look for the “NFL Gear” icon or something that looks like it. You’re gonna want to head into the “Creation Center.”


  • Get Creative: Once you’re in the Creation Center, you’ll see “Create a Player.” That’s the spot! Click that, and you’ll have the whole world at your fingertips. Time to let those creative juices flow.


  • Do You: In the customization area, you can do anything and everything. Make your player look like you, your favorite celeb, or some otherworldly beast — it’s all fair game. Dive into appearance, equipment, ratings, attributes — the whole nine yards. Want a QB with a bazillion arm strength? No problem.


  • Save the Goods: Here’s where folks sometimes drop the ball. You’ve gotta save your masterpiece. Press that save button (it’s “Options” on PS5, but it might be different on your console). Name your player something memorable. Trust me, you don’t want to play yourself by forgetting this step.



Franchise Time

  • Franchise Mode: Back out of the Creation Center and find “Franchise Mode.” Whether you’re about that offline, cloud, or online life, it’s all good. For this guide, let’s roll with offline.


  • Roster Choices: When you’re setting up your franchise, you’ll have some options. Active roster, custom roster, or fantasy draft? You already know — it’s custom roster all day…


  • Bring in the Star: Now, head over to “Manage Rosters” in the settings. You saved your player earlier, right? Time to load ’em up. Put them on the team you’ve chosen for your franchise. They’re ready to roll.


  • Keep it Fresh: In your franchise, you can still tweak your player. Hit up “Manage Rosters,” find your player, and select “Edit Player.” Change whatever you want, whenever you want. Your player, your rules.



Let’s Go!!

Get in the Game: Now that your custom player is part of your franchise, it’s time to hit the gridiron and let ’em loose. Dominate the competition, rack up those stats, and lead your team to the Super Bowl. You’ve got this…


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