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Madden 24: How to Edit Player Gear, Equipment & Appearance

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Ayo, Madden heads! Y’all know the drill, customizing is key when it comes to sports games, and Madden 24 is no exception. Let me break it down for you on how to get your players dripped out in the latest gear and really make a statement with your unique style.



Accessing the Creation Center

From the main menu, peep the ‘Creation Center’ chillin’ in the bottom right corner. Give it a tap, and you’re in the prime spot to start tricking out your players.



Edit Rosters and Manage Players

Once you’re in the Creation Center, hit up ‘Edit Rosters’ and then slide over to ‘Manage Players’. This is where you can take an existing player and add some flair or start from scratch with a new player to style from the jump.



Gear Customization

When you’re in ‘Edit Appearance’, you’ll see two options: ‘Edit Gear’ and ‘Edit Appearance’. For the gear customization, click on ‘Edit Gear’. Now you’re all set to start customizing your player’s gear, from headgear to feet.




Kick it off with the headgear. You’ve got a bunch of options like helmet models, face masks, mouth guards, visors, and even tape… If you’re on the hunt for helmet models, they’re stashed at the end of the list. Trust me, it’s worth the scroll.



Torso, Arms, Lower Body, and Feet

Now, let’s get those arms and hands looking sharp. Slide to the ‘Arms’ section & scroll over to ‘Hands’ to switch up those gloves. You can check out the other sections like ‘Torso’, ‘Lower Body’, and ‘Feet’ to edit the rest of the gear like jerseys, pants, and cleats. And let me tell you, Madden 24 is packing some heat in these sections.



Name Brand Gear

One sick thing about Madden 24 is the addition of name-brand gear. You’ll find stuff from big names like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and more. Get your player fitted in the latest gear and hit the field looking clean.



Editing Appearance

Now let’s get into appearance. Head back to the ‘Edit Appearance’ menu, and instead of choosing ‘Edit Gear’, you’ll pick ‘Edit Appearance’. You’ll see all the faces available for your player, and you can scroll through and pick the one that looks the most like a baller. You can also head to the ‘Physique’ section and use the sliders to get your player’s build just how you want it.


That’s the whole rundown! Your player should be looking like they’re worth a milli and ready to dominate on the field. Don’t forget to share your custom creations with the squad and show off your style to your opponents…


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