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Madden 24: Secure Boot is Not Enabled on This Machine Error Fix

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Hey, what’s up, Madden 24 players? We’ve got some annoying news: that “Secure Boot Is Not Enabled on This Machine” error has been popping up for some PC gamers, and we need to get it sorted ASAP!


Let’s get right into it – the issue arises because Madden 24’s anti-cheat system gets real picky with your PC settings. The big brains over at EA put it out there: for the game to run smooth, you gotta make sure your Secure Boot is doing its thing – meaning, it’s gotta be ON. This is all going down in the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).



Enable Secure Boot:

To get your Madden 24 running without a hitch, you gotta make sure Secure Boot is turned on in your PC’s BIOS. Here’s the step-by-step on how to do it:


  • Kick things off by heading into Settings on your Windows machine.


  • Slide over to Update & Security, then give Recovery a click.


  • Under Advanced startup, hit Restart now. Your PC’s gonna restart and give you some choices.


  • Pick Troubleshoot, then head into Advanced options, and finally, UEFI Firmware Settings.


  • Click Restart, and you’ll find yourself in the BIOS menu.



Configure Secure Boot in BIOS:

Here’s where it gets a little technical. Your BIOS menu might look different depending on your PC’s manufacturer, but I’ll break it down:


  • Look for something like Boot, Secure Boot, or something similar. Click on it and set it to UEFI.


  • For those rocking a Dell, just go to Boot, then Secure Boot, and choose UEFI.


  • Don’t forget to save your changes when you bounce from the BIOS. Click that X in the top-right corner, save, and restart your PC.



Back to Basics:

  • Some players have said that hitting the Restore Factory Keys or Reset option in the BIOS did the trick. It’s worth a shot if the other steps didn’t help.



Windows 11 Alert:

  • For those of you who used registry hacks to get to Windows 11, I’ve got some bad news… Your BIOS might not support Secure Boot, which is probably why you hacked your way to Windows 11. Your best bet is to roll back to Windows 10 and play Madden 24 there.


  • If you tried all these steps and still get the Secure Boot error, I’ve got one more tip; There’s a program called “Easy Game Utility” that might help. Look for the EA App Cache Files option, make sure the EA app is closed, hit Clean, and see if that fixes it.


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