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Madden 24 Passing Guide: How to Throw All Passes

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In Madden NFL 24, you gotta have a mean passing game if you wanna rule the virtual gridiron. Running the rock is cool and all, but dropping dimes and chucking bombs is where it’s at. You wanna put up those big numbers, right? You gotta have a solid air attack. Madden 24’s got all these new mechanics that make passing straight fire, so you gotta learn the ins and outs if you wanna keep the defense on their heels and stack those Ws.


Now, let’s get to the good stuff and talk about how to make it rain with all those passes.



Basic Controls for Passing

  • Selecting a Receiver: First off, you gotta pick your target. Each of your wideouts and tight ends got a button. Usually, it’s X, O, Triangle, Square, and R1. Keep your eyes peeled for the icons over their heads to know who’s who…


  • Throwing the Ball: Once you’ve chosen your receiver, press the corresponding button to pass the ball. Madden NFL 24 has implemented a more intuitive passing mechanic, where the strength of your pass is determined by how long you hold down the button. Tap it for a quick, soft toss or hold it down for a bullet pass that zips through defenders.


  • Throwing on the Run: If things get hot and the pocket’s falling apart, use the left stick to bail. You can still toss the rock by hitting your receiver’s button. Just know it’s a bit wilder when you’re on the move!!



Types of Passes & How to Execute Them in Madden 24

  • Bullet Pass – This is your basic, hard-thrown pass. You’re gonna use this a lot. Hold down the button for your intended receiver, and your QB will zip it in there. Great for tight windows and quick throws.


  • Lob Pass – When you need to go deep or get it over a defender, the lob pass is your go-to. Just tap the button for your receiver, and your QB will put some air under it. Perfect for those deep shots and fade routes.


  • Touch Pass – Somewhere between a bullet and a lob, the touch pass is perfect for getting it over linebackers and dropping it in before the safeties. Double-tap the button for your receiver, and watch that beautiful arc.


  • Back Shoulder Throw – When your receiver is covered, but you want to give him a chance, the back shoulder throw is clutch. Click the right stick (R3) to target your receiver, then use the left stick to aim to the outside. Hold the receiver’s button, and your QB will throw it where only your guy can get it!!


  • High/Low Passes – Sometimes, you gotta put it high or low to avoid defenders. Hold L1 for a high pass or L2 for a low pass, and then press your receiver’s button.


  • Scramble – If things break down and you gotta run, hold R2 to take off. Remember, you can still throw on the run, but your accuracy will take a hit.


  • Pump Fake – Wanna fake out a defender? Tap R2 while aiming with the left stick. Just don’t get too cute with it.



Other Tips

  • Read the Defense – Before you snap, look at the defense. Are they in man or zone? Are they blitzing? Use that info to decide where to go with the ball.


  • Progressions – Don’t lock onto one receiver. Go through your progressions and find the open guy. If your first option is covered, check your second, third, even fourth option…


  • Pocket Presence – Stay in the pocket, but don’t be a statue. Move around, avoid the rush, and keep your eyes downfield.


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