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Madden 24: Scouting & Drafting Guide – Tips and Tricks

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Aight, Madden heads! So we’re about to deep dive into this whole scouting and drafting thing in Madden 24. You ever just stare at that draft board, tryna figure out who’s the next big thing and who’s just hype? Been there. But chill, I got some legit tips and tricks to make sure you nail it come draft day. Let’s get it!!



Know Your Team Needs

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s crucial to evaluate your team’s needs. Don’t go drafting a QB if you’ve got a young gunslinger under center. Prioritize positions that will provide an immediate impact, whether it’s a lockdown cornerback or a monster pass rusher.



Scouting – It’s All About The Letter Grades

When scouting players, focus on their letter grades. These letter grades give you a general idea of a player’s skill in critical attributes for their position. A’s and B’s are where it’s at, but don’t dismiss a prospect with one C – they can still turn out to be a beast on the field.



Running Backs – Combine is Key

For running backs, you gotta ride or die with the Combine results. Keep an eye on the 40-yard dash, three-cone & shuttle drills. You want a prospect who’s quick and got those moves for your backfield.



Wide Receivers – It’s a Mix

Wide receivers are a bit tricky. Letter grades and Combine results are both crucial here. Look for prospects with at least two top-five finishes in the 40-yard dash, three-cone, or 20-yard shuttle. And don’t sleep on the key ratings – good or bad, they can make a difference.



Tight Ends – Find The Diamonds

For tight ends, combine letter grades with the Combine results. A TE with solid letter grades and top-five finishes in the three key drills (40-yard dash, three-cone, shuttle) is a gem. But here’s a secret – look for TEs with an “A” run block and Elite strength. These guys are rare, but they’re game-changers…



Offensive Linemen – Trust The Grades

For O-linemen, letter grades reign supreme. Forget the old rule of thumb about the bench press. If a lineman has A’s and B’s in his key attributes, grab him. And while you’re at it, check out the athletes among the O-line prospects. They might not have the best letter grades, but they often come with sweet dev traits.



Defensive Linemen – A Balancing Act

Scouting D-linemen can be a bit more nuanced. Letter grades and Combine results both play a role. For defensive ends, look for players with top finishes in the 40-yard dash, three-cone, and 20-yard shuttle. For defensive tackles, prioritize the letter grades, but don’t disregard the Combine altogether. And remember, good athletes tend to have nice dev traits.



Stick to Your Board

Don’t get caught up in the excitement of draft day and start reaching for players. Stick to your board, trust your scouting, and make your selections based on your team’s needs and the best players available.



Trade Smart

Don’t be scared to switch up your draft spot. You feelin’ a player that’s dropping?? Go ahead, trade up and grab ’em. But if the board’s lookin’ weak and you ain’t vibin’ with any of the prospects, just trade down and stack up those picks for the future.



Watch Those Dev Traits

Right after you draft a player, peep their dev traits, ASAP. Players rockin’ Star, Superstar, or X-Factor traits? They’re gonna level up faster and make some serious waves on your team…


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