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Strategic Command: World War I – How to Declare War

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How to Declare War

Select which of your Majors is declaring war by clicking on their flag in the bottom left beneath the map display.


Now click on the target country’s flag on the map itself. Icons displaying the targeted country’s resources at the bottom of the screen will now appear, showing an indication of the potential worth of conquering this country.


Tip! If you click on the map it will zoom in. This can be very useful when the flags are close together.


To make the declaration of war, now click on the Declare War button at the bottom left. A warning message will come up, where you can either confirm the declaration or cancel it. Click on Close to return to the main game screen.


As declarations of war can trigger political reactions, any applicable ones from your declaration of war will now take place.


Note: Only Majors that are at 100% Mobilization can declare war, and you cannot declare war on any Majors that are on your side.


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