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Unity of Command II – Naval Bombardment

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Naval Bombardment

Naval bombardment simulates the use of warships to support land operations. It can target enemy units in any coastal hex, however those units must be fully visible to the player and not hidden in the fog of war. Intel markers can not be targeted. Air attacks may generate suppression or KIA results on the targeted unit, as determined by a roll on the naval bombardment losses table (same as the saturation strike table). Shifts move the window to the left (negative) or to the right (positive). The following shifts apply to naval bombardment:


● weather: -1 if the weather is mud or snow


● terrain: -1 if terrain is MTN, FOR or CTY


● green: +1 if defending unit is green


If the targeted unit is in a city, there is a 6% chance that the city is turned to ruins on each naval bombardment.


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