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Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Cheats & Secrets

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Unlockables and Secrets

Unlockable Abilities Locations

The first area we will discuss in the Inkwater Marsh. There are multiple abilities here for you to find. The following are the locations you must visit to get new abilities for Ori and the Wil of the Wisps.



Inkwater Abilities

  • Glide – You find this skill in the prologue section of the game in Swallows Nest. It is part of the story so you won’t be able to miss it. Grab the vine to access the door to the tree-house. Climb up and look in the chest for the feather.


  • Spirit Edge – In Ori and the Will of the Wisps, this one is your primary attack. It is also part of the story so you won’t be missing it. Takedown the Howler and enter its nest, drop down and head right to locate a large tree.


  • Ancestral Light – This ability gives you+25% damage. You get this ability as you head further into the story and go to The Burrows. You need to complete the Flower Music Puzzle to access the door that’s blocking the spirit tree. You can get a 25% buff by planting the mysterious seeds.


  • Spirit Arc – This is a ranged attack ability that you get in Inkwater March after draining the poisonous water.


  • Double Jump – This ability allows you to reach areas that are hard to access with a single jump. You get this in Inkwater early on, it is not something you miss.



Kwolok’s Hollow Abilities

The next area we will discuss in Kwolok’s Hollow. There are a few abilities here that you can get your hands on.


  • Dash – The ability is found on Kwolok’s Hollow and lets you dash to avoid damage. Very useful against Kwolok.


  • Bash – You get this ability after your first fight with the Horn Beatle.



Wellspring Glades Abilities

  • Spirit Star – Allows you to throw shrunken that comes back around. Purchased from Opher.


  • Sentry – Purchased from Opher. It lets you spawn Spirit Orb that attacks the enemy.


  • Water Breath – Purchased from Opher. It allows you to breathe underwater.


  • Spike – Purchased from Opher. The ability lets you throw a spear.


  • Spirit Smash – Get it from Opher. This Ori and the Will of the Wisps ability allows you to perform a sweeping blow.


  • Blaze – Purchased from Opher in this location. Set enemies on fire.



The Wellspring Abilities

For the time being, we were able to discover only one ability in this location.


  • Grapple – The ability is inside The Wellspring itself.



Windswept Wastes Abilities

There is only one ability in this location if there are more we will find and update the guide accordingly.

  • Burrow – You will find this inside the Windswept Wastes during the Three Wisps Remain Unfound quest.



Luma Pools Abilities

You will find the Swin Dash ability in this location.


  • Swim Dash – As the name suggests, this ability allows you to dash underwater. You will find this in the Luma Pools.



Baur’s Reach Abilities

You will find Light Burst in this location of Ori and the Will of the Wisps.


  • Light Burts – Allows you to use an explosive sphere that melts frozen things.



Mouldwood Depths Abilities

Mouldwood Depths is another location in Ori and the Will of the Wisps and here you can find one of the abilities called Flash.


  • Flash – An aura of light that causes damage to the enemy and affects their energy.



Silent Woods Abilities

The final Ori and the Will of the Wisps area we will discuss for abilities in called Silent Woods.


  • Launch – You will find this ability towards the end of the game once you have all the Wisps, you can access deeper sections of Silent Woods.


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