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Sengoku Dynasty PC Keyboard Controls Guide

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Sengoku Dynasty fuses survival gaming with city-building, all of which is set against the lush backdrop of feudal Japan. While it’s inspired by the vibes of Medieval Dynasty, this game takes it up a notch by immersing players in Japan’s breathtaking landscapes, all rendered beautifully with Unreal Engine 5. Think cherry groves, relaxing hot springs, and the rugged wilderness, where the goal isn’t just personal survival, but building a thriving NPC community.


The depth here is impressive… You will find yourself deeply involved in crafting everything from food to weapons & maybe even tilling the land a bit. It all resonates with that Sengoku Valley feel.


To make your journey smoother we’ve compiled a handy guide that shows all the keyboard controls & key binds that are available for Sengoku Dynasty.



General Controls

  • WASD: Movement (W and D for strafing).


  • Mouse Movement: Turn the character.


  • V: Toggle between the four perspectives.


  • E: Main interaction with the world (e.g. speaking to a person).


  • F: Interaction for trading.




  • L: Legend Screen.


  • K: Quest Screen.


  • N: Dynasty Screen.


  • M: Map Screen.


  • Tab: Inventory screen.


  • 1 through =: Equip or unequip tools/weapons.


  • Q: Quick Handcraft.


  • Left Mouse Button: Standard action.


  • Right Mouse Button: Secondary action or quick-craft radial menu (if no item equipped).


  • Middle Mouse Button: Quick equip radial menu.


  • Esc: Exit screens or open main menu.


  • CAPS LOCK: Walking speed.


  • Left Shift: Sprint.


  • Left Control: Crouch.


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