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Persona 5 Tactica PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Persona 5 Tactica PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Here are the default keyboard controls and key bindings for Persona 5 Tactica on PC; please note that these keybinds can be customized from the main menu:



Default PC Key Bindings

Combat Dynamics

  • Forward Movement: W


  • Backward Movement: S


  • Move Left: A


  • Move Right: D


  • Execute Melee Attack: E


  • Perform Ranged Attack/Fire Gun: R


  • Activate Special Skill: F


  • Initiate All-Out Attack: V


  • Analyze Opponent: M


  • Highlight Movement Area: G


  • Cycle to Previous Ally: Z


  • Cycle to Next Ally: X


  • End Current Turn: Space


  • Camera Tilt Upward: I


  • Camera Tilt Downward: K


  • Rotate Camera Left: J


  • Rotate Camera Right: L



General Gameplay Controls

  • Action Confirmation/Interaction: E


  • Cancel or Go Back: C


  • Cursor Upward Movement: W


  • Cursor Downward Movement: S


  • Cursor Movement to the Left: A


  • Cursor Movement to the Right: D


  • Access Main Menu: Tab



Narrative and Event Interaction

  • Accelerate Scene Progression: F


  • Automate Dialogue Sequences: A


  • Skip Entire Event Scene: J


  • Review Previous Dialogue: L


  • Access Notes or Memos: M


  • Progress to Next Dialogue Line: Space


  • Toggle On-Screen Control Guide: S



Base and Team Management

  • View Detailed Information: I


  • Exit Current Screen or Menu: M


  • Select Previous Team Member: Z


  • Select Next Team Member: X


  • Navigate to Prior Page: V


  • Navigate to Following Page: B


  • Reset and Reassign Skills: P


  • Auto-Assign Skills or Actions: Space


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