Persona 5 Royal PC Keyboard Controls Guide - MGW

Persona 5 Royal PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Persona 5 Royal PC Keyboard Controls Guide

The image below shows all of the keyboard controls and hotkeys for Persona 5 Royal. To change key bindings, go to the Main Menu > Options > Control Settings.



Default Control Scheme

Persona 5 Royal PC Keyboard Controls Guide



PC Key Bindings

  • Character Movement (Forward): W


  • Character Movement (Backward): S


  • Character Movement (Left): A


  • Character Movement (Right): D


  • Confirm/Action: E


  • Cancel: C


  • General Menu Control: Tab


  • Open Details: N


  • Pages/Change List (Left): Q


  • Pages/Change List (Right): E


  • Log: B


  • System: H


  • Camera Zoom In: Z


  • Camera Zoom Out: X


  • Turn Camera (Up): I


  • Turn Camera (Down): K


  • Turn Camera (Left): J


  • Turn Camera (Right): L


  • Chat: N


  • Third Eye: Ctrl


  • Map: M


  • Map Zoom In/Zoom Out: Tab


  • Dash: Shift


  • Camera Reset: R


  • Assist Menu: Alt


  • Assist: Everyone’s Activity Log: G


  • Assist: Social Stats: Space


  • Assist: Confidants: Tab


  • Assist: Hideout: N


  • Thief Assist: N


  • Grappling Hook: V


  • Thieves Den: Reveal: H


  • Thieves Den: Hide UI and Protagonist: Alt


  • Aim Gun: W


  • Select Target (Left): A


  • Select Target (Right): D


  • Check Intel: S


  • Melee Attack: Space


  • Guard: C


  • Skill: E


  • Items: R


  • Analyze: Q


  • Order: T


  • Assist: F


  • Baton Pass: B


  • Showtime: Z


  • Rush: Tab


  • Send Message: Shift


  • Auto: X


  • Fast-Forward: F


  • Pause/Skip: F


  • Network: Alt


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