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SWORDHAVEN PC Keyboard Controls Guide

SWORDHAVEN PC Keyboard Controls Guide

CRPGs have always been the pinnacle of the PC master race, and with the massive hit of Baldurs Gate 3, we saw that it’s totally possible for such games to blow up if done right, with loads of love & effort… Many big & indie studios are now keeping an eye out and jumping on the bandwagon to create similar gems. Among the newbies ⮕ we got AtomTeam on the block. They say their game, Swordhaven, is this fantasy cRPG that’s got vibes from those epic Infinity Engine titlesᅳlike Baldur’s Gate 1, Icewind Dale, & so onᅳplus some other old-school faves.


You’re stepping into the boots of this lone adventurer, hitting up the mostly untouched lands of Nova Drakonia. On your trek, you bump into this dude on his last breath who hands you this weird artefact… and boom you’re roped into the adventure of a lifetime, tangled in a plot that’s threatening everything you hold dear. And this little guide here? It’s got all the default keyboard controls and hotkeys you’ll need to hit the ground running ⮕ make sure to bookmark it for a quick refresher later.



All PC Settings



PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

  • W – Camera Move Forward


  • S – Camera Move Back


  • D – Camera Move Right


  • A – Camera Move Left


  • Q – Camera Rotate Left


  • E – Camera Rotate Right


  • F – Camera Zoom In


  • V – Camera Zoom Out


  • Home – Follow Character


  • LeftAlt – Highlight Loot


  • AltGr – (also for Highlight Loot)


  • F6 – Quick Save


  • F9 – Quick Load


  • I – Inventory


  • M – Map


  • J – Journal


  • T – Rest


  • C – Characteristics


  • U – Formations


  • K – Switch Battle Mode


  • Space – End Turn


  • F1 – Select Teammate 1


  • F2 – Select Teammate 2


  • F3 – Select Teammate 3


  • F4 – Select Teammate 4


  • F5 – Select Teammate 5


  • R – Sneak


  • H – Halt


  • L – Lockpicking


  • P – Pickpocketing


  • N – Dialogue


  • B – Attack


  • RightArrow – Next Page


  • Space – (also for Next Page)


  • LeftArrow – Previous Page


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