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Ostranauts PC Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings Guide

Ostranauts PC Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings Guide

In this guide, you will be able to find the complete list of controls and shortcuts for Ostranauts. Please note that you can also change these controls to your desired keys.




Basic Controls

– Spacebar pauses.

– Esc closes any open UIs.

– Esc opens quit/save menu if no UI opens.

– Home key centers the camera on the player.

– Left-click to walk to a tile.

– Left-click to select a captain or drafted AI.

– Mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out.

– Right-click to open the context menu on a tile. (Assumes captain selected if nothing else selected.)

– Shift + WASD pan faster.

– WASD pan camera.

– I toggle player inventory and ground nearby.

– [ and ] slows and speeds up time, respectively.

– + and – zooms in and out, respectively.

– C spawn random NPC on the current ship.

– V damaged ship (hypervelocity debris)

– ` toggles debug UI on/off.



Controls While UI Opened

– Arrow keys switch screens.

– Esc closes UI.



Character Inventory

– I key toggles player inventory and nearby ground inventory.

– inventory grids can be dragged around

– left-clicking an item picks it up. clicking again drops it.

– right-clicking an item drops it to the ground nearby

– a debug inventory list can be opened by hitting TAB to show debug screen, and selecting crew. It’ll show a list of carried and equipped items. Mouse scroll moves list up/down. The red button drops that item on the ground.



Flying – Long-range

– All ships currently have RCS thrust. (Slow maneuver jets.)

– Some ships have a fusion thruster (red box with radioactive symbol)

– Left-click captain/drafted crew member.

– Right-click a nav station.

– Choose Nav Station.

– Choose Use.

– Course Plotting UI Opens

– Use WASD or left-click and drag to scroll the map.

– Use R/F, +/-, or mouse scroll to zoom in/out. (Also, Stn/Planet/Inner/Outer to quick-zoom levels.)

– Debug Fast Travel dropdown can get you there fast, for testing.

– Left-click locks current cursor target. Left-clicking again releases it.

– Ships are triangles. Diamonds are stations. Circles are planet(oid)s.

– Plotter right sidebar lists the current point of reference (P.O.R.), its range from you, and relative velocity. Below that is the current target, and its respective VREL and range.

– Top of the plotter screen shows the current date and the current range of the scope. (Based on zoom.)

– To begin the course shown on the plotter, click ENGAGE. (Nothing will happen if docked or no fusion thruster.)

– Shift + ENGAGE debug-jumps to crosshairs, regardless of thrusters. No effect when docked.



Flying – Maneuvering

– Open nav console UI. (See Flying.)

– Toggle ENGAGE off, if currently underway.

– Undock, if currently docked.

– Toggle NAV MODE to RCS.

– WASD controls translational thrust.

– Q/E controls rotational thrust.



Flying UI Notes:

FOLLOW MODE – focus map on the current ship or target position.

Time – Change map’s time passage rate (see future positions of bodies).

Max gs – Limit max gs of thrust for the plotted trip.

Error Adj – Fine-tune crosshairs/final destination.

ENGAGE – engage plotted course (requires ATC clearance if docked)




– Open nav console UI. (See Flying.)

– Right Arrow to access docking UI.

– ATC Uplink->[Station/Ship name]->Pushback/Taxi->Accept

– Toggle CLAMP ENGAGE button off.

– Docking ring begins receding away from the ship.

– WASD to control lateral thrust.

– R/F to control the distance from the docking ring.

– Left arrow to return to System Map




– Open nav console UI. (See Flying.)

– On System Map UI, left-click target until CURRENT TRG is desired docking facility. (Disable FREE/HOLD for best results.)

– RNG (range) must be <4000km to begin docking. – Right Arrow to access docking UI. – Main Menu (if you weren’t already there) – ATC Uplink->[Station/Ship name]->Docking->Accept

– Align docking ring clamps

– WASD to control lateral thrust.

– R/F to control the distance from the docking ring.

– Adjust approach until the 4 clamps (rectangles) on each ring are aligned.

– CLAMP ALIGN turns green when aligned.


– Esc to Exit UI.

– Click ROSTER and toggle “Shore Leave” permissions for the character you wish to leave the ship.



Cold Starting a Fusion Reactor

– Switch PWR BUS to BATT

– Switch CORE PURGE to RGH

– Switch CRYO pump on.

– Switch LAS ALIGN on.

– Switch PELL FEED on.

– Wait for CORE PRESSURE to reach ROUGH

– Switch CORE PURGE to TRB




– Wait for CORE PRESSURE to be VAC

– Switch FUEL REG on.

– Switch MHD generator on.

– Switch CORE PURGE to OFF

– IGNITION Switch On

– Optional: Switch PWR BUS to CHRG to begin recharging batteries.



Ship Editor

The ship editor is a working prototype of the eventual ship-building part of the game. The user can move parts around to design/upgrade their ship for use in the game.


Parts are arranged on a grid and have certain requirements to be placed. E.g. a toilet must be placed on “floor” tiles.


When an item is selected from the menu on the left, a copy of it starts following the cursor around. There will be a grid of blue and red squares showing if the item will fit in its current position. Blue squares fit, red will not. Some items, like the fridge, require certain grid surroundings like a wall on one side and an open floor on the other.


Some items have control panels that are accessible via a button on the right side of the screen while selected. Within these control panels, you can control the appliance, or click the screws to open the panel up for wiring. Wiring allows you to choose which sensors or other appliances this item is linked to.


It is possible to test a specific ship with the crew by loading it here first, then starting the crew sim via button or hotkey (see below).




Load – Load a saved ship.

Clear Scene – Erase ship from the scene.

Save As – Save current ship as a specified name.

Save – Save current ship (currently same as Save As)

Unselect – Clear selected item from the cursor.

Data Editor – Obsolete. Used to be a UI for editing data.

Crew Sim – Enter crew sim mode, using current ship design.




WASD – Pan camera

Shift – Pan faster while held

Mousewheel – zoom in/out, scroll lists

Left-click – select item, place the selected item

Left drag – scroll items menu, paint with the selected item

Right-click – remove item below the cursor

Delete – Delete the selected item.

R – rotate item clockwise

Period – rotate ship clockwise

T – show/hide debug tiles

Arrow keys – Debug feature to tilt ship along axes


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