The Tenants PC Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings Guide


PC Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings

In this guide, you will be able to find the complete list of controls and shortcuts for The Tenants. Please note that you can also change these controls to your desired keys.



Main Action (Select) – Left Mouse Button

Cancel Action / Move Camera (Hold) – Right Mouse Button

Rotate Camera (Hold) – Middle Mouse Button

Pause Game – 0

Game Speed 1x – 1

Game Speed 2x – 2

Quick Save – F5

Toggle Phone – T

Toggle Properties (open/closed) – Y



Camera Movement – W, A, S, D

Rotate Camera Left & right – Q &E

Zoom in – R

Zoom out – F

Boost Camera Speed – Left Shift

Switch Camera Mode – Space


Building & Renovation

Rotate Item Left & Right – Z & C

Select All / Buy Multiple (Hold+Click) – Left Shift

Sell – Delete

Floor Painting Mode – F1

Wall Painting Mode – F2

Furniture Buying Mode – F3

Door Buying Mode – F4

Show More Info (Hold) – Left ALT



Show Next Task – TAB

Show Next Property – O



Action Slot 1 – Z

Action Slot 2 – X

Action Slot 3 – C


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