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Pumpkin Days: Beginner’s Guide, Tips

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  • Get a TV from Eddie/Duante as soon as possible. The channels provide food/crafting recipes.


  • Explore early on and find resource spawn points. You don’t have as much responsibility at first, so it’s a great opportunity to collect for pocket change/the museum.


  • If you have an item you don’t want then you can use the trash cans around the Town to dispose of it.


  • Holding down the left mouse button while holding a tool will allow you to change the square count.


  • If you think you’ll be short your quota at the end of the season, you can buy what you need, turn around, and put it in your sell bin. (It’s kinda cheating). Browse the one-day bazaar for produce/dairy stalls. Sebastian/Masika will have full-grown seasonal crops.


  • Passive income = honey! Go ahead and scavenge flowers and sell them to get bee boxes from Eddie/Duante. (You need to ship 100 of them.)


  • Almost any plant that you can convert into seeds to sow with, just press left click on the plant and choose the seed option, in the description of the object you will know its sowing conditions:


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  • Use your tools up until the last few hits and then sell them to offset the price of making/purchasing their replacement.


  • Found a hole that won’t let you go? Navigate: Esc Key -> Settings -> Controls -> Help, I’m Stuck! (Teleport to a nearby area)


  • If you check the quest boards daily, you can accept and cancel requests for people you don’t want to help to refresh the board the next day -> Quests give lots of friendship points! After you’ve made a mine run, check the board for mineral/metal (salt, iron, etc…) requests. They tend to pop up frequently. Speaking of friendship points, pay attention to the birthdays on your calendar! Appropriate gifts can be discovered by selecting the individual in the ‘smiley’ tab of your journal.


  • You can split items into half-stacks by right-clicking and dragging.


  • Once you have built up some gold, invest in some cakes/pies (simple cake is cheapest!) to take with you mining. By eating these when you get ‘tired’ you gain a speed boost which makes traveling the vast cave system easier.


  • When starting the game, you can skip the intro by clicking on the window, it goes directly to the loading of the games.


  • The bed can be placed anywhere on the Plot and not just in the house. It helps to put it near the entrance of the Plot.


  • You can move the Quick bar and UI by left-clicking and dragging. Now you can move more elements of the UI.


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