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7 Days to Die: 6 Best Tricks & Tips in 2022

7 Days to Die: 6 Best Tricks & Tips in 2022

There are basically unlimited choices when it comes to survival games. However, if you’re looking for a survival game that combines the best parts of the genre with some visceral survival horror action, then look no further than 7 Days to Die. Originally released in 2013, the game’s popularity continues to rise many years later. With the game’s legion of die-hard fans having invested hundreds if not thousands of hours into the game already, it can be a little daunting trying to get into the game in 2022.


However, if you’re brave enough to take on the challenge, then you’ll find some help on this list of 7 Days to Die: 6 Best Tricks & Tips in 2022. When you’re ready to survive the zombie apocalypse, gather up your crafting material, and let’s get started.



  1. Easy Money in the City

When you’re roaming the city areas of 7 Days to Die, you’ll come across a good few parking meters. It’s easy to pass these by as they’re just part of the environment, but these parking meters have a secret. They can be dismantled for both iron and dukes! If you find yourself in a bind and need some quick money while you’re in a city area, maybe you need some food from a vending machine quickly, you can dismantle a few parking meters and you should be good to get on your way. They can be a lifesaver!



  1. Tools of the Trade

If you intend to dismantle things or craft, you’re going to need a wrench. Like just about everything in 7 Days to Die, wrenches have durability so they can be destroyed after some use. You should be on the lookout for these tools as much as you can, and if you’re wondering where to look, I can help with that. Wrenches can most often be found in cabinets under sinks. Places like motels and some houses will have these kinds of cabinets that you can raid. You aren’t guaranteed a wrench on every search, unfortunately, but your chances are better of finding one in these places than scouring entire buildings for them.



  1. Perk Books

In your adventures, you’ll occasionally see mailboxes and newspaper kiosks. These common constructs can also be searched for goodies. After a recent update, mailboxes and newspaper kiosks will often contain perk books, which will give you a percentage perk for any number of your skills. If you’re looking to juice your skills fairly quickly, picking up these books as you find them can be a great way to do it, and there is minimal danger in doing so. Unless of course, you’re surrounded by hungry undead zombies. Then you should cut and run.


7 Days to Die: 6 Best Tricks & Tips in 2022



  1. Gun Modding

You’ll pick up a variety of weapons in your time with 7 Days to Die, and not all of them are good right out of the box. It is possible, however, to bump up the numbers of several guns with gun mods that you can also find in the environment or purchase from vendors. It’s important to note that whenever you equip a gun with a mod, it will unload all of your ammo. This can be an issue if you forget and get caught in a zombie face-off, so remember to reload your weapons whenever you equip a mod. Also, guns with mods will sell for a higher price than one without, so when selling old weapons consider equipping it with a mod for a cash boost.



  1. Spike Defenses

When you’re constructing defenses for your base, you’ll notice a huge difference in the amount of time different things take to construct. For instance, wood spikes take four seconds to construct, and iron spikes take a whopping forty seconds to construct! For the same thing that is slightly stronger! To get around this, a smart thing you can do is construct and place all of your wood spikes, and as long as you have a hammer and enough iron bars, you can upgrade all of those spikes into iron spikes. The total construction time is much much lower this way than if you had just built iron spikes.



  1. Crowd Control

When out in the city or suburban areas, it can be pretty easy to draw the attention of the horde. When you have 10, 20, or 30 zombies bearing down on you, it can be really stressful and difficult to fight your way out. But, if you take the time to craft some explosive bolts for a crossbow or bow, you’ll have no problem getting away. Explosive bolts are easy to make and rarely used, so make a bunch of them and keep them on hand for when things get crazy.


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