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Red Dead Online – Bounty Hunter Role Guide

Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunter Role Guide


Bounty Hunters track down dangerous criminals, turning them in dead or alive in return for a reward.


To become a Bounty Hunter, meet Sheriff Gray and purchase a Bounty Hunter License from him.


If you choose not to purchase this license immediately, you can purchase one from any Bounty Board at a later date.




As a fully licensed Bounty Hunter, you can take on Bounty Missions from the Bounty Board and track down criminals, then hand them over to the law for a reward. Be warned, some are more difficult than others, but a tougher criminal means a higher reward.




Bounty Hunters will also be given the opportunity to find and capture Legendary Bounties. These are notorious felons whose crimes are known across the states. It takes a talented Bounty Hunter to catch these criminals. These Legendary Bounties can be launched from the Bounty Board and replayed. But be warned, replaying one of these missions will increase its difficulty.




Established Bounty Hunters can also track and capture players who have a substantial bounty on their heads. You will be notified of nearby Player Bounties and can accept the invitation to capture them via the Player menu. If accepted, the player will appear on the map, and you’ll be free to hunt them down and bring them to justice however you see fit.




As you rank up, you’ll receive Tokens that can be used to unlock new skills, activities, Free Roam Events, equipment, horses and clothing. In particular, Bounty Hunters of a certain caliber can purchase a Bounty Wagon. Bounty Wagons allow you to capture more than one bounty target at a time. It is available to view and unlock in the Progress section of the Pause menu.




The greatest Bounty Hunters are also highly skilled at Gun Spinning and will learn new tricks as they progress. Perform Gun Spinning when holding a sidearm by double tapping TAB and then quickly pressing and holding Right Mouse Button to view the tricks. You will begin spinning your guns and can take the time to choose individual tricks to perform.


To progress your career as a Bounty Hunter, gain experience by completing Bounty Missions, taking part in Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events, and completing Daily Role Challenges. View and track your Daily Role Challenges in the Player menu.


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