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Red Dead Online – Collector Role Guide

Red Dead Online – Collector Role Guide


Collectors are explorers who search for valuable items and natural treasures, amassing collections that can be sold for profit.


To become a Collector, meet the all-seeing Madam Nazar and purchase the Collector’s Bag. From ancient Arrowheads to valuable Lost Jewelry, this bag will store and track your precious collections.


If you choose not to purchase one immediately, Madam Nazar will happily sell you one at a later date.




Madam Nazar travels around the states, pitching in a new location every day in order to sell her wares and buy Collectibles. Travelers often hear the music playing from her gramophone as they pass nearby.


Madam Nazar sells equipment to aid your explorations, from field shovels to Collectible Maps. She also carries a stock of crafting materials and clothing items exclusive to those in Specialist Roles.




Not only is she interested in purchasing your collections, but she will also send you her Weekly Collectible Shopping List. These are the items she is currently seeking. If you collect every item on the list, Madam Nazar will reward you handsomely. These Collectibles can be sold in person or sent to her via any Post Office.




As you rank up, you will receive Tokens that can be used to unlock new skills, activities, equipment, horses and clothing. All of these are available to view in the Progress section of the Pause menu.


To progress your career as a Collector, gain experience by finding Collectibles, taking part in Collector Free Roam Events, and completing Daily Role Challenges. View and track your Daily Role Challenges in the Player menu.


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