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Red Dead Online – Trader Role Guide

Red Dead Online - Trader Role Guide


Traders manage their very own businesses from Camp, selling goods and supplies to neighboring areas for profit.


To become a Trader, collect and read Cripps’ letter. It will be waiting for you at your Camp Lockbox or any Post Office. You can then meet him to learn about his new business venture and purchase a Butcher Table.


If you choose not to purchase a Butcher Table immediately, Cripps will sell you one at the Wilderness Outfitters. Once you have one in Camp, Cripps Trading Co. will be up and running.




The Butcher Table will allow you to manage your Trader business. Here you can supply Cripps with Raw Materials; animal carcasses or parts that you have skinned or plucked.


You will need to keep the Butcher Table well stocked with both Raw Materials and Supplies. You can order Supplies to your Camp or save yourself some dollars by starting a Resupply Mission.




Once he has everything he needs, Cripps will spend time turning Raw Materials into Goods. You can choose to sell your goods at any time, making a Local Delivery or a Distant Delivery. Local Deliveries are lower risk, whereas Distant Deliveries will leave you open to attack from rival Traders. However, if you choose to make a Distant Delivery you’ll be paid more for your trouble.


If you are part of a Posse, only the Posse Leader’s business will produce goods. Your own business will halt production until you have left the Posse.




As you rank up, you’ll receive Tokens that can be used to unlock new skills, activities, equipment, horses and clothing. In particular, Traders can upgrade their Delivery Wagons. The larger the wagon, the greater its capacity, earning you more for each delivery. These are available to view in the Progress section of the Pause menu.




Beware, as your trading business grows, bandits might take an interest and attempt to raid your Camp, stealing your Goods and Raw Materials. Look out for a plume of smoke rising from Camp. Promising Traders with dogs can be warned of an attack by their canine companions.


To progress your career as a Trader, gain experience by selling Goods, taking part in Trader Free Roam Events, and completing Daily Role Challenges. View and track your Daily Role Challenges in the Player menu.


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