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Runeverse Sea Brawls In-Depth Guide: Everything You Need to Win

Runeverse Sea Brawls In-Depth Guide: Everything You Need to Win

Let me start by saying that placing in the top 4 technically counts as a win. However, the goal of this guide is to place you in the number one spot, which does not happen all that consistently because of RNG. Runeverse is a game of skill and chance. You cannot win if you’re dealt a bad hand, but you can increase those odds by making the right choices at the right time.


The correct way to weed out the optimal choices from the worse ones is to play the game and memorize key cards & hero powers. Fortunately for you, we have already played a bunch of games and will be discussing all of our secrets in this guide, so buckle up!



How to win games?

There are three components to winning a game:


  1. Hero power and minion selection – Hero power and minion selection are inter-connected. The power determines which minion you should play, and the available minion pool decides which power you should pick.


The winner is the person who can synergize the hero power with the available minions at hand while fishing for better quality minions.


Runeverse Sea Brawls In-Depth Guide: Everything You Need to Win


  1. Understanding the flow of the game – A typical game of Seabrawls consists of roughly three stages- Early, Mid, and Late game.


The early game is all about scrambling together a group of random minions to help you survive the first few rounds.


In the mid-game, you’ll have to look for specific cards based on what you’re offered. This is the stage where you look for specific cards that synergize with each other. Key cards to look out for are Battle-forged Ogre, Digger Master, Arcanite Transmuter, Hufin Spiritual Guide, etc.


Runeverse Sea Brawls In-Depth Guide: Everything You Need to Win


By the late game, you’ve mostly finalized your build and are looking for key cards to finish out the build, such as Nazmir Executioner, Forest Spellbinder, Aspect of Forest, Rune Elemental, etc.


Now that you’re acquainted with the basics, it’s time to dive deeper into the hero and minion selection process.



Why are hero powers important to the game?

Hero powers are extremely important as they determine:


  • How you’re going to play the entire game and how fast/slow you should upgrade through Crew Levels.


  • What minion types you should prioritize based on synergy.



How does hero power influence leveling?

Each hero has 6-7 hero powers, so it’ll take you a while to figure out how to play each one. In Seabrawls, you can either level on curve as described in our tips and tricks guide or choose an unconventional path.


If you have the All for One or Frenzy hero power and Mercenaries are in the game, upgrade to crew level 3 as soon as possible to get your hands on the Battle Forged Dwarf.


On the contrary, the Altar of Sacrifice hero power doesn’t come into play until very late in the game, so you should play on curve and level slowly to avoid damage. You’ll see tougher opponents around the 3000 trophy mark. That’s where people play meta builds that you need to learn if you want to climb higher.



How should you pick hero power based on minion type?

Some hero powers, when combined with the right minions, are game-breaking. For instance, one minion type is excluded from every game. So if beasts are not in-game, then the Complicity hero power is almost useless because beasts synergize the most with that ability. You can make it work with other types, but it won’t be as effective.


Here is a small tier list of all the hero powers to help with the selection process:


Runeverse Sea Brawls In-Depth Guide: Everything You Need to Win



Minion types: Why they are important and how you should select them

Each minion type plays differently, and knowing how they operate will increase your odds of winning the game. Every type has a few key minions that support the entire party and determine how quickly you upgrade through Crew Levels.


For instance, elementals are very weak during the early game. One of the key minions, Arcanite Transmuter, is available on Crew Level 4. So if you already have a few elements on board and want to go that route, then try leveling as soon as possible. Once you have enough Arcanite, your elemental will buff themselves and make you the dominant among everyone.




  • Each minion type relies on core mechanics based on their class. While some provide buffs, others get stronger when an ally dies.


  • To win, you must build a comp based on the core mechanics of a single type.


  • You might not get every minion to create the perfect build, and that’s where planning and foresight come in.


Runeverse Sea Brawls In-Depth Guide: Everything You Need to Win


  • Learn to make the most of every situation and pick the minions based on their synergy, no matter how insignificant they are.


  • A minion that buffs another is still a better pick than a vanilla one.


  • For instance, if you have a Plains Knight, pick the Court Blacksmith. But don’t decide on playing ONLY Soldiers. The Blacksmith is the best pick in that You can always transition to another build if you find the right minion.



Brief description of each minion type and their performance;

Runeverse Sea Brawls In-Depth Guide: Everything You Need to Win


Minion Type Theme Special mechanic Ideal for
Mercenary Attack heavy buffs from paying Duty Duty* Good Early, Decent Mid & Good Late Game.
Pirate Attack heavy, assault, and passive buffs on attacking or being attacked N/A Good Early, Strong Mid & Good Late Game.
Demons Hurts player in exchange for buffs N/A Good Early, Strong Mid & Weak Late Game.
Elemental Spend/store Arcanite for passive buffs Arcanite** Weak Early, Decent Mid & Strong Late Game.
Soldier Relies on others for passive buffs Holy Shield*** Strong Early, Decent Mid & Decent Late Game.
Beast Relies on allied beasts dying for passive buffs. N/A Weak Early, Decent Mid & Strong Late Game.
Generic Nothing in particular. Incursion**** Decent throughout all stages of the game.


* Get one Duty at the beginning of each turn. Pay 1 coin to activate a specific effect.


** Arcanite collectes in a pool. Abilities activate when you have X arcanite or spend it.


*** Holy shield prevents the next instance of damage, whether it’s 1 or 100 dmg points.


**** Incursion minions keep all buffs throughout levels but die permanently.



Parting Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn something new about the game, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. You’ll need to play games to familiarise yourself with the minions and heroes. We have a minion tier list and build specific in-depth guides in the works, so stay tuned for more interesting tidbits. Good luck!


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