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Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks for New Players

Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide - Tips & Tricks for New Players

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 is not what I expected. Set in a rather gloomy setting filled with thieving individuals that steal your stuff and pesky customers who leave without paying, it’s quite far-fetched from the easy-going cafe experience I was expecting it to be. Amidst all the chaos, your goal is to fix up your one-room garage and gradually upgrade it into the best cafe in the entire locality. Not the easiest of jobs, given the disruptive nature of the neighborhood.


Graphics-wise, Internet Cafe Simulator 2 received a significant upgrade over its predecessor, with the new ultra settings boosting the graphics by a significant margin. As for the gameplay, there is not a lot to discuss. The grind can be a bit frustrating in the beginning, as with most games in the genre.


However, fret not because, with this guide, you’ll be clearing the game in no time. Most of the end-game stuff can be automated, and I’ll be showing you exactly how to get there. So without further ado, let’s get started.



General Tips and Tricks

  • The game is still quite buggy. I accidentally placed the mop too close to the wall, and it clipped across to the other side. There is no way to buy another mop in-game, and the only other way to keep your cafe clean is with a Cleaner, which is quite expensive in the early game. So be careful where you place your stuff.


  • If you have clipped your mop through the wall and cannot find it, simply go to settings and click ‘Reset mop and thermometer position’ to ‘respawn’ them beside your computer desk.


  • Computers, consoles, and VR stations switch on automatically when you place all the components on the table. You cannot manually switch them on/off.


Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide - Tips & Tricks for New Players


  • Press ‘M’ to bring up the map if you are lost.


Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide - Tips & Tricks for New Players


  • Some customers will leave your cafe without paying. Always keep a bat nearby to beat them down for money. Avoid hitting nearby pedestrians; otherwise, they’ll start attacking you. You can also hire a bouncer to take care of these customers, but you’re going to be cash-starved during the early game, so it’s better to just use the bat.


  • The only way to save in-game progress is to ‘Sleep’. You do not have to sleep every day, but make sure you do so once in a while. Otherwise, you might lose all your progress if the game crashes.



Tips for building and growing your cafe

  • The best way to earn money fast is to lower the price to ‘Very Cheap’ and wait for a customer to walk in. Once they enter, immediately increase the price to the max before they can sit down and put in a request to switch on the machine. They will now be charged the maximum amount for the session. To make this easier, place the computer or gaming consoles at the back of the room so that you have more time to adjust the prices.


  • The tutorial makes you spend money and buy computer equipment off ‘Zamzor’. Buy one decent CPU so that customers can play games on a machine with a graphics card.


Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide - Tips & Tricks for New Players


  • However, there is a second-hand shop where you can get stuff for a lot cheaper. The goal is to set up multiple machines. The more machines you have, the more you can earn. Buy all the computer equipment from the shop. They sell everything except tables. I suggest buying equipment from the second-hand store, saving a bit of money, and then tapping into Zamzor for the more premium stuff.


  • Be careful while buying a table off Zamzor. There are different kinds of tables like Console and VR tables, where you cannot place your computer. The computer tables are in the middle of the list, between the console and VR tables.


  • Earn enough money for a second room as soon as possible and build a toilet.


  • I would suggest not hiring a bouncer or a cleaner at the early stages of the game, but if you hit a jackpot in one of the gambling games, then you can easily do so. Until then, always keep a spare bat in the store.


  • Buy one or two games from the app store for better-paying customers.



Internet Cafe 2 Character and Cafe Skill Tree Guide

Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide - Tips & Tricks for New Players


Physical Cafe
Punch – Throws harder punches Customer – Increases the likelihood of more customers coming to your shop
Boxing – Punch faster; enemies have a hard time dodging Tip box – People leave more money in the tip box.
Punch II – Punch even harder. Customer II – Greatly increases the likelihood of more customers coming to your shop.
Player – Better at handling baseball bats hit harder, but bats are more prone to breaking. Chatty – Customers are greeted with pleasant conversation and may ask for extra time
Boxing II – Punch even faster. Tip box (Likely Tip Box II, maybe an in-game bug)- People leave even more money in the tip box.


Punch III – Punch like a freight train. Chatty II – Customers are greeted with flattering conversations and are more likely to ask for extra time.


Innocent I – Police are less likely to suspect you. Gambler – Sometimes, in the casino, you have the possibility of getting the back you lost.


Hammer – Fist like a sledgehammer, Drop what you hit Miner III – Knowledge of mining equipment is vastly increased. You can now buy even more minor devices.
Body – Become more resilient to incoming attacks (punches, kicks, and headbutts). Smile – More customs will leave positive comments.
Trained – Stamina does not deplete quickly when taking damage or running. Scarface – The number of customers running away without paying is reduced
Cheeky– Don’t lose stamina when taking damage. Ex job – Thieves do not come to your shop because you are known around.
Innocent II – Police suspect you even less. Miner – Knowledge of mining equipment is increased. You can now buy more miner devices.
Trained II – Stamina depletes very slowly when taking damage or running Smile II – Even more customs will leave positive comments.


Body II – Become even more resilient. You can now withstand more assault. Miner II – Knowledge of mining equipment is greatly increased. You can now buy more minor devices.



  • You get upgrade points based on the number of customers you’ve had in your shop.


  • I suggest avoiding physical upgrades and heading straight over to Cafe perks. That’s because you can easily beat up thieves and fleeing customers with a bat (it only costs $40). Your points are better spent on shop Cafe upgrades which goes toward increasing your income.


  • Moreover, the Scarface and Ex Job perks decrease the likelihood of thefts and cheeky customers who leave without paying, which is all the more reason you shouldn’t upgrade the Physical perks.



Quick (but risky) money-making tips

  • Internet Cafe Simulator 2 offers gambling mechanics, which means you can get lucky and score a jackpot to kickstart your business. However, it’s quite risky, and you should experiment once you have at least 3-4 computers(or PlayStations or VR desks) set up in your cafe.


  • While playing, you will notice a guy tumbling all over town with a yellow exclamation mark atop his head. You have to pay him $100 bucks as a fee to start bitcoin mining in the locality. Visit him again after paying him, and he will give you a quest to beat up a bald white tank top guy for $200. Carry the bat because you cannot beat him otherwise (unless you have leveled up your Physical skill tree, which is highly unlike in the early game).


  • Visit the club and play the slot machine once in a while if you have some spare cash. I got the jackpot and received $2,000 on my first try, but it may not be the same in your case.



Guide to automatizing your store

  • As you earn more money, you’d want to hire a bouncer, guard, cleaner, and a mascot. The chef is unlocked later when you build a kitchen.


  • The bounce tracks down and takes money from customers who leave without paying, and the guard kills enemies such as thieves and suicide bombers before they can enter your shop.


  • All employees are hired on a timely basis, so make sure to renew their contracts or rehire them every 3-5 days.


  • As you earn more money, get yourself a Bitcoin rig for some added income.



Parting Thoughts

Interesting Cafe Simulator 2 is an interesting game. There is not much to do other than build and improve your cafe and visit the club now and then for some ‘recreation’. However, the game managed to offer a realistic experience about building and managing your cafe.


Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide - Tips & Tricks for New Players


The game feels strangely addictive despite the dreary ambiance that does not appear welcoming and pleasing. There is something satisfying in seeing how smoothly you can place the tables and computers and build the perfect cafe. It can appear grinding at times, but the game has its moments.


What do you think about the Internet Cafe Simulator 2? Did you enjoy the gameplay? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let others get an insight into how you built your cafe from the ground up.


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