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Junkyard Simulator: Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players


Junkyard Simulator allows you to play as a scrapyard owner that strives to make his yard the largest scrapyard in the area. This game is so interesting that it can keep you busy all the time. The game has a lot of mechanics which focus on junkyards. There are a lot of things to do as a gamer in Junkyard Simulator. You can complete various quests, open different boxes and try new technologies and equipment.


It also gives you a feel of a ruler by letting you make your decisions. Following are some top tips and tricks for beginners regarding Junkyard Simulator.



1. Complete Quests

  • Junkyard Simulator is about building the biggest junkyard. It is why the game offers a variety of quests to assist you. The goal is to make money from your junk. Junk, more specifically, will include both trash and valuable items that will help you progress.


  • You can sell them for a profit by restoring them in your workshop. As a result, you’ll gain more rewards, items, and money by completing orders, finishing quests, and completing tasks.


  • In the first quest, you will need to locate the mini-map present near the gaming machine. Though it is quite an easy quest, beginners might struggle to complete it.



2. Surprise Boxes

  • Buying big boxes of items will also be possible in this game. While choosing the surprise boxes, you will have to test your luck as some boxes will be worthy while some will be of no use.


  • Some of the surprise boxes will even contain rare objects that you can use in the workshop. Apart from using the valuable objects in your workshop, you can even sell them at a better cost. Therefore, you should keep opening the surprise boxes to get random objects and profit through them. However, make sure you open the correct box to achieve the desired outcome.



3. Different Technologies & Equipment

  • In terms of equipment and technology, the game has quite a wide selection. Your virtual junkyard offers various machines and a variety of options for deciding your next steps.


  • To store multiple things at once, you can use crates and a large scrap car, for example. These technologies and equipment will help you improve the overall experience.


  • You can progress and make a better living in Junkyard Simulator by using them. However, you might have to perform various quests to access some of the equipment, making it more enjoyable.



4. You Are the Ruler

  • As well as activities and missions, the game offers the pleasure of being the only ruler of the junkyard. As you are the ruler, it is up to you whether you want to open boxes, drive a car, or perform any other available task. You can manage and operate your junkyard in any way you desire.


  • The sense of being a ruler and making your own decision will make Junkyard Simulator much more enjoyable.  However, make sure that you make the right decision to get the best outcome in your junkyard.



5. Bugs, Errors & Issues

  • Because the game is still in early access, you’re likely to run into many bugs and issues. The issue of key bindings not working is one of them. Follow these simple steps to fix the problem:


-Close the Junkyard Simulator first.


-Exit the Steam application.


-Delete the folder:




-Launch the Steam application.


-Start the game.


We hope you found this guide helpful. Please let us know if you think we missed anything important in the comments section. We will update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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