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Idol Showdown: Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players

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Idol Showdown is an exceptional fighting game where you can engage in exhilarating matches as your favorite Hololive star, ultimately deciding who claims the crown. Featuring intuitive controls and movesets, this game is beginner-friendly and invites gamers of all skill levels to join in the fun. In this guide, we’re here to break down the essentials of Idol Showdown, paving the way to triumph as you grasp the game’s mechanics and tactics that will bring you to victory. Let’s get started.



UI System: Understanding Star Meter and Superchat Meter

In Idol Showdown, the UI system includes a health bar, burst meter, star meter, and Super Chat meter. These elements are crucial for understanding your character’s status and available options during a match.


  • Health Bar: Displays your character’s remaining health; losing all health results in losing the round.


  • Burst Meter: This meter fills when you take damage and can be used for an invincible shockwave attack when activated.


  • Star Meter: The star meter increases by performing attacks and can be used for various offensive and defensive moves. Up to four bars can be stored.


Spend your Star Meter on EX heavy specials, Idol Skills (character-specific special moves), or Star Callings (assist moves). Each of these options can provide significant advantages during a match, including combo extensions and improved pressure.


  • Super Chat Meter: This meter gradually increases over time or by performing specific actions.


Use your Super Chat Meter for Super Chat Cancels (special cancels) or the Off Collab Tool, which unleashes a powerful, unique effect depending on your character. Both options can turn the tide of a match, so managing your Super Chat meter effectively is crucial.




Although Idol Showdown is a 2D fighting game, it does not have instant air dashes. Instead, characters can move forward, backdash, run, and jump. The absence of instant air backdashes or other advanced movement options makes the game more accessible for beginners.




Idol Showdown uses a four-button fighting system with light, medium, heavy, and special buttons. Each button type has its own unique properties


  • Light Buttons: Fastest attacks, ideal for quick pokes and starting combos.


  • Medium Buttons: Mid-range attacks, providing a balance between speed and damage.


  • Heavy Buttons: Slow but powerful attacks with long stun time and extended range.


  • Special Button: This button is primarily used for supers and easy shortcuts for different specials, enabling players to perform special moves without complex inputs.



Universal Options

All characters in Idol Showdown share specific universal options, which include:


  • Down Heavy: A launch attack used to start aerial combos.


  • Medium Heavy: An overhead attack used to break the opponent’s guard if they are crouching.


  • Down Forward Heavy: A knockdown (sweep) attack that can trip the opponent.


  • Grabs: Press the light and medium buttons simultaneously to grab and throw the opponent. This can be performed in either the forward or backward direction.



Combo System

The game features a straightforward combo system, making it easy for newcomers to pick up. Combos typically follow a sequence of light > medium > heavy > special attacks. This chain combo system allows players to execute combos quickly without mastering complex inputs.



Motion Inputs and Special Moves

Special moves or motion inputs are simple to execute in Idol Showdown. You can use light, medium, or heavy variations of moves with either quarter-circle forward or quarter-circle back motions. Heavy versions of specials require one bar of star meter, providing enhanced versions of the special moves with additional properties or damage.



Defensive Options and Recovery

Understanding defensive options and recovery techniques can help you last longer in matches:


Burst Meter: Use your burst when under pressure to create an invincible shockwave that pushes the opponent away. Be mindful that the burst meter only fills when taking damage and carries over to the next round.


Guarding: Regular guard and instant blocking are available. Instant blocking reduces pushback and builds Super Chat meter faster when timed correctly.


Recovery: To recover from knockdowns or mid-air attacks, hold the D-pad button back (ground recovery) or forward (air recovery). This can help you regain control of your character and avoid follow-up attacks.


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