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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts: Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts: Beginner’s Guide - Tips and Tricks

Naval combat has been a critical part of war since humans were able to bring their need for conflict onto the high seas. In Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts, you’re not just given ships to send into combat; you must design and build them yourself. From a massive battleship to a tiny torpedo boat, you can design everything from their hull type to their propulsion.


Before you take on the dangerous waters of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts, there are some beginner tips and tricks you should follow.



Bigger Isn’t Always Better

It’s understandable to want to bring your biggest, strongest capital ships into battle, but that’s not how the almost hyper-realistic battle system works in Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. You might have the best-designed warship, but size and firepower don’t replace the skills of a master tactician.


Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts: Beginner’s Guide - Tips and Tricks


Turning your battleship to face your enemy will maximize your firepower, but it also gives enemy ships a wider target to hit. While you can improve your ship’s armor, it is susceptible to smaller boats, such as torpedo boats, which have more maneuverability. Players can upgrade everything from their ship’s speed and flooding system to their gun layouts and fuel.



Find The Setup That Works for You

There are no cookie-cutter builds for Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. The moment you try to focus on a specific build, the enemy will have a way to counter it. Instead of trying to create the most powerful ship you can, you must ask yourself what role you want the ship to fill in your fleet. Don’t be fooled by only equipping your warship with the largest caliber main guns you can purchase because, without adequate protection, they’re going to do more harm than good to your hull.


Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts: Beginner’s Guide - Tips and Tricks


The ship design system in Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is very intricate and can be intimidating to new players. If you’re a beginner and feel the overview, stats, and ship details are too intimidating, you can click on the arrows next to their name at the top right corner of the screen to minimize them, for now. Of course, once you become a little more accustomed to the game, you’ll want to put more focus on your ship’s overview.



Focus On Survivability

When you start working on your fleet, if you’re playing Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought’s campaign, you might think the millions of dollars you start off with will let you build a fleet full of behemoth dreadnoughts. However, the ship design menu will be a wake-up call for budgeting in this game. You’ll notice that equipping your ship with basic protection will already set you back a couple of million dollars. You’ll need to focus on everything from ship armor to underwater armor. You might not think that underwater armor is important, but you’ll soon realize how important protecting the ship’s engine is.


A beginning mistake many players make in Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is they focus too much on firepower and not enough on survivability. There’s no use in having massive weaponry if your ship will sink immediately to a single torpedo. Adding some anti-torpedo armor, a hull bottom and even a secondary tower are all components you will need to have your ship come out alive and ready to engage in the next battle.


Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts: Beginner’s Guide - Tips and Tricks


The most intimidating feature for new players is the focus on ship design. You’ll need to look at everything from the towers to the hull and even smaller things like the surface visibility and floatability of your ship. Fortunately, Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought explains many of these features simply by hovering over them.


Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought is one of the more entertaining naval combat games in recent history. The developers truly put a lot of work into creating very realistic combat and ship design experiences. Following this, the tips from this beginner’s guide will have new players quickly become master strategists in Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought.


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