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Ghost Watchers: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Essential Tips & Tricks to Get You Started

Ghost Watchers: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide - Essential Tips & Tricks to Get You Started

Since the release of Phasmophobia in 2020, the indie horror game scene has exploded. Whether they utilize a similar co-op style of gameplay or opt for a more single-player focus, the goal remains the same: bone-chilling, spine-tingling terror.


One game that goes above and beyond to make sure its players go to bed with nightmares is Ghost Watchers. This new co-op survival horror game uses the Phasmophobia 4-player formula but ups the ante considerably in terms of ghost design and mechanics.


Since Ghost Watchers is so new, players are still getting to know the game and learning its many nuances. Additionally, the game is in Early Access, so things are likely to change as development continues. But, if you want to be the best ghost watcher as soon as possible, you’ll find some awesome tips & tricks in this Ghost Watchers Beginner’s Guide. When you’re ready to cross the threshold and face ethereal beings, gather up your courage, and let’s get started!



Use the Particle Counter

You’ll have access to a huge variety of ghost hunting tools as you progress through Ghost Watchers, but one that many players might overlook is the particle counter. This tool can be used to locate a ghost even early on in a match.


In fact, that is probably the best time to use the particle counter. Take it out at the beginning of the match and you can find out where the ghost is and the path it is patrolling early, which will save you some time and stress when things start to get stressful.



Listen for the Beep

When using the temperature gun to look for evidence, you might be confused as to if you found some evidence or if you just bumped into a minor temperature fluctuation. Upon the game’s initial launch, you really just had to guess, but as part of the game’s Early Access development, the developers added an audible beep when you’ve encountered some evidence.


Ghost Watchers: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide - Essential Tips & Tricks to Get You Started


So as long as you’re keeping an ear out for the unique beeping noise, you’ll know for sure when you’ve found something that can be useful to your investigation.



Let These Tools Warm Up

The Voodoo Doll and Ouija Board are both great tools to use during any investigation, but they are so powerful that they have a set warm-up time that must elapse before they can actually be used. Even worse, these tools need to be in the investigation area before they can begin warming up.


If you intend to use either or both of these tools, then it would be a good idea to bring them in early in the investigation so that they are ready by the time you need them.



Don’t Peek

In video games, you might feel a little braver in certain situations than you might be in real life. For instance, if you saw a ghost or another terrifying entity peeking around a corner, staring at you, you’d probably either freeze in place or run away.


Ghost Watchers: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide - Essential Tips & Tricks to Get You Started


But, many Ghost Watchers players do the exact opposite and walk right up to that ghost around the corner. DON’T DO THAT. That is one of the primary ways to trigger an uninterruptible instant kill on you, especially if you don’t have a protection item in your loadout. So do what you would do in real life, and run away in those situations.



Optional Objectives

You can go into any investigation and just hunt the ghost down, but there are also always a few optional objectives that you can complete to earn some extra money. These objectives can be viewed back at the van.


When you complete an optional objective, a specific sound will play. There’s currently no way to check to see if you’ve completed an objective outside of the van, so listen for the sound to prevent making extra trips outside the investigation zone.



Order of Operations

For each kind of spirit, there is a specific set of instructions you’ll have to follow to weaken it. These instructions are usually not too complicated, though they are several steps long. However, it is very important that you complete each step in the order it is presented.


If you attempt to complete the steps out of order, you won’t have to start the process over again completely, but you will need to do the step you just completed again in its proper order.




I hope the tips in this Ghost Watchers Beginner’s Guide help you when you’re in the middle of a stressful investigation. Remember to be brave, stay cool, and run away when it is necessary!


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